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Coach’s Corner: 2010 Marathon Training Program & Philosophy

Posted Jun 30 2010 8:23am

You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t passionate, or at least passionately curious, about the sport of running. I have run almost everyday of my life for the past twenty years; sometimes just logging short recovery runs for a stretch and while at other times stringing together a 110 mile week of hard volume while my body and everyone in my life have to brace themselves. The purpose of this post is to unveil iRunnerBlog’s new marathon training program. As we build a place where runners can achieve results, it will also be a place where we all hold each other accountable and receive supportive encouragement from “The Pro” and “The Joe” during this Chicago marathon journey.

I happen to be the guy who will be referred to as “The Pro” from here on out and in the business of creating training programs for runners that understand how busy our lives can be, yet enjoy pushing ourselves without burning out and annoying others in our lives during the training process. I will utilize everything that I have learned over my many thousands of miles and tens of thousands of hours dreaming, breathing and living the great sport of running.

You will also get the benefit of my soon to be brother-in-law who will be called “The Joe” from here on out. He has fast become one of the hottest running experts and students of the sport anywhere in the country. Scott has taken my training plans and blown the doors off his marathon and half marathon PR’s time and time again. Last year, he agreed to let me train him for the first time in “my style” for the upcoming Chicago marathon. GUESS WHAT…he smashed his old time by 20 minutes and soon after became engaged to my sister! Have I sold you on my training schedule yet?

Running has an incredible ability to build up and enhance our lives, relationships and ability to work and perform in life. It can have tremendously positive effects on us physically, spiritually and emotionally. That said, it could just as easily break us up, sour friendships and burn us out so that we walk away. My job is to help you achieve an amazing marathon experience and time, while keeping you fresh enough to love the process and come back for more again and again and again!

As runners we are constantly trying to stay on the wagon, keep running and achieving our goals. My goal is to lay out a plan that will prepare you perfectly for the Chicago marathon while taking life’s constraints into account. This plan will “strike the balance” and Scott and I will provide feedback and training updates along the way from both the “The Pro” and “The Joe “ perspectives. It will be tons of fun and allow everybody involved to have a kick ass Chicago racing experience.

(Full 14 week scheudle starting July 5th can be seen here )

- Coach Jerry

(Coach Jerry has competed as an elite runner at virtually every distance over the past 20 years. He has PR’s of 2:35 marathon, 29:50 10k, 14:09 5k, 4:13 mile and 1:09 half marathon. He has also completed multiple Triathlon’s and conquered the Ironman. Jerry has coached at the High School level and coached Carnegie Mellon’s track and cross country team.)

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