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Clearing The Air – Accountability is MORE Than Half The Battle

Posted May 01 2012 2:11am

Accountability means a lot to me. So I feel it’s important to take a moment to clear the air.

Yesterday I received a discouraging comment on my Daily Mile post about Sunday’s half-marathon , followed by an e-mail claiming that I was completely lying about my time and various other things in my life.

I had two immediate thoughts after reading the comment & email. 1) What?! 2) That was my unofficial time from my iSmoothRun app (as I stated in my recap, I forgot my GPS watch at home. Thankfully, my trust iPhone is equipped with various apps for running and fitness…. ITS ONLY THREE MINUTES OFF. If I was going to lie about my time, it wouldn’t be by 3 tiny little minutes.

This is a screenshot directly from the app. You can clearly see, 13.21 miles, running time was 2:55 and change… I guess this is still my fault though for never updating my time on DM when the official times were posted. However, my recap ( here ) clearly states that the first half of the race was completed in a time that was about 3-4 minutes faster than the second half (adding up to 2:59). I also have the official times of all of my races posted on the Race Schedule page.

I have NO shame in my official time of 2:59. None. I have never claimed to be a fast runner. I’ve always said you don’t have to be a speed demon to be an athlete. You don’t have to win any age group awards to feel accomplished. I still finished my first half-marathon and am 100% positive that if I work hard I can get my sub 2:30 at RNR at the end of the summer!

The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler My watch time was WAY off, this is when I started to agree with all those articles that we shouldn’t 100% rely on our GPS . It’s not always accurate. I was jaw droppingly shocked when I saw my official time was 2:08 when my watch said 1:56. I didn’t get it. But – the finishing clock doesn’t lie. Chip time is the most accurate way of timing a runner. The time between hitting mat A and hitting mat B is exactly how long you were on that course. Doesn’t matter if you stop moving. Doesn’t matter if you hit the bathroom – your time is still going when you cross that start line… BUT ONCE AGAIN – my official time WAS POSTED in my race recap ( here )

The second part of the e-mail is what got to me the most. Claims that I never had ovarian surgery or went through the entire ordeal with my ovaries throughout 2010. It hurt, because the results of that surgery really changed my perspective entirely. If it wasn’t for that surgery I would probably still be a stoner burn out doing nothing of physical activity. My fitness regime would probably consist of me walking to the corner store 2 blocks away. Not to mention the reproductive damage the surgery as well as other treatments did…

Aside from taking a not so attractive and not so work friendly picture of the scar in my unmentionable region – this is as much proof as I can provide. Yes – I realize I don’t talk about it much. Really I only touched on it in one post.. This is for two main reasons. The first is that I didn’t blog in 2010. I certainly wish I did because you all have been a great support system since I’ve started blogging regularly!! But – I didn’t at the time. It was in between my Livejournal phase and when I started my blog in the Winter of 2011. (btw – I went to my livejournal account recently, a post of ridiuclous highschool blogging is coming up on the next few days! ;) )

Also, my mom, my fiance, my step mom, my fiance’s entire family read m blog – NONE of these people would let me get away with lying about something so serious. (HI GUYS!!)

Lastly – this does not define me! What I went through during the year of 2010 does not in any way define who I am. I don’t need a pity party, because “poor charlotte had to go through that” no. That’s not what this blog is about. So excuse me for not using that to my advantage or disadvantage. “DON’T JUDGE ME BY MY PAST, FOR I NO LONGER LIVE THERE” My blog was started as a place to write, then as I got more and more into fitness it became a place to document my journey of moving FORWARD.. Speaking regularly of what I was trying to move forward from would be to only dwell on the past. I was trying to STOP doing that.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, don’t let this person get me down about my accomplishment. I assure you I AM NOT! I just wanted to clear the air, because it is important to be proud of all of our accomplishments. Like she said in my comment, be proud of ALL finishes. Whether it takes you 49 minutes per mile or 5 minutes per mile.. BE PROUD. & I am.

I just felt the need to write this post to let you all know that I AM somebody you can count on.

Now, I am going to go continue watching our marathon of The Office & wish that Jim & Pam were a real life couple so that we could be couple friends with them as I drool over Pam’s man… (WHAT?! they’re awesome and he is SEXY)

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