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Cleaning It Up!

Posted Apr 08 2013 11:07am
You would think when I'm not doing a *ton* of running, I'd at the very least be eating cleaner to make up for it....

Yeah, sadly that's just not how these things work. I've had an insanely stressful few months - actually, now that I think of it, 2013 has been pretty much a sh*t show so far... Though I do have some happy news that I will share soon. But I don't know WHY it is that I do this, but when my world gets overly stressful and I get overwhelmed, I don't run and burn off that stress, and I don't treat my body like a temple and feed it nutritious foods to make myself feel better from the inside out. Instead I reach for comfort foods (the treats!) to make myself feel better.

The foods that make me feel radiant

So far this year has involved too many treats, too many chocolate chip cookies (my weakness, especially since I discovered and perfected the most divine recipe!) and too much junk. And the thing about comfort foods - at least the traditional junky ones that I tend to reach for - is that while they make you feel better when you're eating them, I always seem to feel gross after.

So while I was contemplating all the ways I want to clean up my act and thinking about fresh starts, I caught myself thinking about all the things I would do differently starting in May. But why wait for a new month? Why is it that we like to make that "fresh start" on a new month, and throw away all the time until then? I have 22 days left in April dammit, and I don't want to waste them!

Always having your water bottle handy is my best tip for
drinking more water!

I got busy this weekend shopping for more healthy, nutritious foods to fill our fridge and flipping through cookbooks looking for some new meal ideas to mix up our current "routine". I also dug out my favourite pink Bobble water bottle and carried it everywhere with me so I would drink lots of water.

On Saturday afternoon I made the most delicious panini for lunch. I LOVE paninis, but hadn't made one at home because I don't have a sandwich press... But discovered that if you put a spritz of oil in a frying pan, over medium heat and use a second frying on top of it to squash the bread down a little and flip it over after about 3 minutes, it does the trick! The sandwich was delicious. I used a small amount of light mayo mixed with basil pesto on fresh multigrain bread, sauteed sliced portobello, white mushroom, red pepper, tomato and onion with goat cheese. I served it with a spinach salad topped with roasted red pepper hummus instead of dressing. It was so good!

On Sunday evening, after a weekend of giant salads packed with veggies, whole wheat veggie wraps and stir fries, Ryan and I were craving something easy but tasty.

Instead of ordering a pizza (which, honestly, I was very tempted to do after a long day of spring cleaning and organizing!) I made a veggie-ful pizza with homemade crust. It was actually so easy and tasted SO much better than a delivery pizza!

I bought pre-made dough (though I'm told it's really not difficult to make), let it rise then stretched it out on a pizza pan, lightly drizzled with a small amount of olive oil and dried parsley and oregano then baked it for 5 minutes (try this, it's so so so good!) then used tomato sauce, sliced fresh mozzarella balls, tomato, onion, red pepper, mushroom and whatever other veggies you have around, and some sliced grilled chicken on Boy's half, and finally, a few spoonfuls of pesto dolloped around the top of the pizza (<-- the pesto is the secret to true pizza nirvana!). Bake for another 8 minutes and you have a delicious, healthy pizza!

The secret to keeping it healthy is to go easy on the cheese and to load it up with veggies!

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What's your favourite healthy twist on a "treat" meal or snack?

Do you drink enough water?

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