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Posted Aug 05 2013 4:37pm

About a month ago I did a 2 week juice fast. It was fantastic and cured me of my pregnant junk food addiction. After I completed the juice fast I wanted to continue eating clean.

I have been doing a lot of research on the subject and read, "Wheat Belly", "It Starts With Food" and "Clean". I decided to go Paleo. No grain, no gluten, no diary, no sugar, no processed foods. It's a diet high in good fats, protein and fiber. I also have been researching GMO's and their ill effects on our bodies and our environment. I now buy 90% organic as I was maybe only buying 40-50% organic before. I'm also trying to eat mostly organic grass fed meat, free range chicken and eggs. Once I started researching these topics I couldn't stop and the more and more information I found the more and more passionate I became about it.

I have always relied on low sugar/carb diet in the past to stay trim. That is how i lost 115 pounds after my second child was born and honestly it was always my go to eating plan but it was much  more Atkins-ish, as in I ate A LOT of cheese!

I just have to share that after going Paleo I feel phenomenal. Honestly, I have never felt so good but the longer I stay on this way of life the more and more I fall in love with it. The health benefits are AMAZING!!!!
I used to have dry skin bumps all over the backside of my arms that no amount of moisturizer could fix. They are now completely GONE!!!! I am sleeping better at night! I have an amazing amount of energy!  I have lost weight! My mind is sharp. My anxiety and depression have improved dramatically!!!! My taste buds have completely changed. I can actually taste real food again and ohhhhhh man does it taste gooood!

I must admit I originally started eating this way to loose weight but what I have gained is so much more than that! My entire life has changed in a matter of a couple months!! I can honestly say that I will never go back. I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. The longer I do it, the better I feel. I have an even deeper desire to cook than I did before. Eating this way has changed my entire life, not just what I'm putting in my mouth.

I used to be reliant on cheese for everything. Seriously I probably ate 1/2 a block a day and now I am completely free from dairy. I don;t even miss it! I have been getting really creative and having a ball creating delicious clean meals for myself and my family. I have begun to transition my kids too. And what I thought was going to be a nightmare has turned out to be great!!! My kids would always complain of a tummy ache after eating a sweet breakfast like pancakes or waffles. Now I make them Paleo protein pancakes that are equally as delicious if not more and we no longer have that issue. They have been eating spinach salads and loving them. Honestly I am so surprised. You never kn ow until you try! Don't under estimate your kids. They want good food too!

Here are some of the things I've been eating lately!!!!

I haven't yet decided what to do about my beloved blog. For now we'll just leave it open but I must say I am so inspired by going Paleo I may just have to start sharing some recipes here with you because I find my creative chef juices have been flowing like crazy! I am so inspired to cook real, beautiful, pure food!

Otherwise I have been keeping very busy with these 3 littles. Tosh is 5 months old now. We fill our days with parks, picnics, bike rides, walks, cooking and play dates! We have been quiet busy!

Hope you have all been well and thanks for stopping by!

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