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Christmas stuff

Posted Dec 26 2009 1:43pm
Christmas time is here, um....past. But it was a good one! we did the fam thing (with 2 of my boys, their wives, and mt fave granddaughter along with one of my granddogs. Makenna was quite a bit more in tune to what all the presents were. She was the good little helper in distributing them, along with a little snooping. Dinner was good....well, let me explain. It wasn't dinner. The kids came over at noon, and we had breakfast. We'll probably make it a tradition, since everyone has different families and in-laws and such, and getting our get-together done early Christmas eve, made it better for everyone. Of course this year, we had the storm-of-the-century hit about 2:00, and it sleeted for 3 hours, and snowed 6-10 inches. More on that later.

Makenna discovers under all the pretty paper are TOYS! Or in this case, a doll house. From what I have heard, this was her favorite. (My cats liked the box.)

Chuck and Vannessa tear into their haul. Good to catch Chuck with a smile.

I think Jessie had more fun watching Makenna with her presents than anyone, maybe INCLUDING Makenna.

Jason checking out his bounty.

Dixie holds still briefly for a pic.

Dana LUVS Christmas!

Sorry to say, (old news, I know) the blizzard that hit kept us from having time with my parents and Dana's folks. We hope to right that ship tomorrow.

Finally, my favorite Christmas song. I know you will think I am kidding, but I am not.
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