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Chocolate Milkshake: A Good After-Workout Drink?

Posted Oct 07 2012 1:48pm

Chocolate Milkshakes Yield the Same After Workout Benefits as the More Expensive Fitness Drinks

Everyone feels the burn of workout in the end; that’s why many athletes and body builders consume protein shakes or strange concoctions to help speed up muscle recovery so that they can continue their regimen. But, what is the most efficient drink? It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. However, for your typical muscle recovery drink, it seems like the best choice is chocolate milk. Apparently, tests have shown that regular chocolate milk has the same, if not better, recovery effects than the pricier after workout drinks. Your simple low-fat chocolate milkshake is actually packed with some pretty important nutrients for your muscles. A lot of expensive products pump in a ton of carbs, fats, and protein for a high price, but a low costing chocolate milkshake does practically the same.

Studies have shown that when you drink a chocolate milkshake after your workout, the protein and carbs in the milk help your muscles refuel to heal more quickly. The protein in milk has shown to assist in building the lean muscle made during workout and also help quickly repaired exhausted muscles. Also there have been studies that show that the milk in the milkshake helps provide the body with rehydration and minerals that help athletes recover quicker such as calcium and potassium.

It’s very simple to prepare too, you simply need some good milk and chocolate milk powder (I suggest that more so than the syrup because the syrup tends to have less of the bad stuff you don’t want). You could also enhance your chocolate milk with some chocolate milkshake protein mix, though that’s only if you have the cash to burn on it.


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