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Chocolate Agave #9 Energy Gel Review

Posted Oct 21 2011 12:36am

Chocolate #9 was kind enough to send me some samples of their chocolate agave energy gel.  I had actually never heard of this type of energy gel and I will admit I was a bit hesitant at first using chocolate for energy before a run.  But, I love chocolate.  They are actually kind of cool and they taste pretty good.  Think more of a dark chocolate taste and not milk chocolate.  Here is what the energy gel packet looks like:

Chocolate Agave Energy Gel

I decided to use one the other day when I was forced to run in the afternoon because of my medical school schedule…I usually try to run in the morning or early afternoon.  So, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t tired for my workout because I wanted a strong workout on Tuesday.  So, I took one with me to class and consumed most of it about 2 hours before running.  It has a low glycemic index for the carb source so its a slower digesting carb – not as immediate which is what I was looking for.  I will admit it tasted like a “treat” compared to a lot of other gels that I have tasted and was definitely different consistency then a typical gel.  You had to squeeze it out of the packet a little bit more than you do the slimy gels.  But, it actually tasted good and not something I was suffering through.  And, I was happy to say that my workout went pretty well and I didn’t feel sluggish before hand like I do a lot of times before afternoon workouts.  I have since used another one today before my speed workout and I definitely had a good day of 5x1k repeats at ~5:13/mile pace with a 2:30 float at 6:40/mile pace in between each.  Nothing crazy hard because I have a marathon in a week and half but it got the legs moving and the breathing going.  But, definitely felt energized for the workout having consumed one of these an hour and a half before the run.  I will admit I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and reaction I had with it.  Its also low fat and vegan…using 100% agave for sweetener.  Thanks again for letting me try this unique energy gel – definitely was worth it and really loved it, honestly.

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