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Chocolate “ice cream” and trigger foods

Posted Sep 05 2012 7:08am

Thanks to everyone who participated in the virtual run, and a big thanks to those who linked up their race recaps yesterday- I loved being able to read those reports in one place.  Winners will be announced soon!

Last week, as I emptied the bag of chocolate chips I had bought only a week earlier, I came across Tamara’s post on trigger foods . She offers some great tips for reducing trigger foods, and recommends removing them from your house and resisting the urge to purchase them at the grocery store.

So I decided to challenge myself for the week, and am happy to say I did not pick up a new bag of chocolate chips and actually haven’t missed them too much. (By the way, if you didn’t see her post, go check it out!)

It did lead to some other dessert experimenting, but some healthier alternatives.

Chocolate “ice cream”

and (non-chocolate) sweet potato date bars, inspired by an amazing Thunderbird Energetica bar I had.

This recipe needs more tweaking, but L and I are happy to keep taste testing to get it right! The batter is incredible.  Maybe it should be a pudding, rather than a bar.

Yesterday was super busy. It was L’s first day of “school”- she goes two mornings a week.  She was so excited!

The first day was a bit shorter, so I headed to a nearby gym to workout and then sat in their cafe until I had to pick her up.  I rushed home to drop her off with dad, and walked 3 blocks to meet my blog friend Amy from Lavendar Parking .

Pardon the post-gym greasy hair look!

She and her husband were passing through and she got in touch to see if we could meet up.  They are both super sweet.  What a treat to have lunch together!

Another out-of-state friend contacted us about getting together in the evening, so we invited him over for dinner.  I neglected to photograph either meal, so for today’s what I ate Wednesday I’ll share the healthy ice cream recipe.  Next week I’ll be back on track with a typical eating day!

Pureed frozen bananas make a great healthy “ice cream” for dessert.  If you’re a chocolate lover, it’s even better with a little cocoa.  I came across this idea a few different places, and finally experimented with it for myself.

Chocolate “ice cream”  (print recipe)

  • 3 very ripe bananas, frozen in chunks
  • 2-3 tbsp cocoa powder
  • dash of vanilla
  • optional 1-2 tbsp honey
  • add-ins or toppings: coconut, chopped nuts, sprinkles, or chocolate chips, if you have any!

Place frozen banana in the food processor and let it thaw slightly.  Blend well with cocoa powder (start with 2 tbsp and increase after tasting if you like a darker chocolate).  Taste.  Add optional honey or sweetener and top as desired.

So simple and so good!

Have you met blog friends in real life? Do you have any trigger foods that you can’t resist?

Also, go check out my guest post for Madeline on post-workout fueling!

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