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Chapped Cheeks!

Posted Oct 21 2010 12:00am

My rosey cheeks feel a bit chapped after this mornings very chilly run.

And I mean my face cheeks, where is your mind anyway?

Actually, my bum cheeks are probably still thawing out from my morning run, so they might very well be chapped too, I just can’t tell yet! Ha. Just kidding. My bum cheeks were freezing on my run but I think they are just fine now. In case you were wondering about that…

Today is Thursday (by the way) and it is the first day this week I actually got my butt out of the house in the morning with enough time to get a run in. A much needed run at that! I have a half marathon coming up you know…I need to run to train for that. Well, at this point my training is almost up – the race is next Saturday!

Anyway. I got a 5.06 mile run in this morning and I am super pumped about it. Not only because I got the run in (yippee!) but because I was basically super hero fast! Oh, yea, super hero fast. That is if your after person creeps along like a sloth… FINE. I wasn’t super hero fast, but I was fast by my standards! My average pace for the 5.06 miles was…

*wait for it*

9:10 minutes/mile!

Yes, that is exciting enough to warrant bold, italics and blaze orange. Deal with it.

I don’t have my Garmin plugged in right now but from what I remember I started out fast with a pace below 9:15 but at about 2 miles in I slowed down a bit. My slowest average pace that I saw was at 9:23 which was right around mile 3. From there I kicked it back in and basically dominated the sidewalk for 2 miles. To take an average pace of 9:23 down to an average pace of 9:10 I had to run below 9:00 most of the time. I made it below 8:00 a few times – but that could have been a satellite glitch. Whatever, I am super pumped!

My pricey little wrist computer is for real making me faster! I swear by it! Here is the proof…

The Garmin showed up on October 6th. My first run with it was on October 7th. Let’s go back a week and look at the paces…

Tuesday, 9/21: 3.1 miles @ 9:33
Wednesday, 9/22: 5.1 miles @ 10:00
Thursday, 9/23: 3.05 miles @ 9:39
Sunday, 9/26: 10.30 miles @ 10:27
Monday, 9/27:
4.58 miles @ 10:15
Tuesday, 9/28: 4.26 miles @ 9:41
Wednesday, 9/29: 4.14 miles @ 10:34
Sunday, 10/3: 12.07 miles @ 10:59

Now, let’s look at the week after I got the Garmin (the week I got my Garmin I slacked with running…oops)…

Tuesday, 10/12: 7.05 miles @ 9:49
Wednesday, 10/13: 5.01 miles @ 9:15
Thursday, 10/14: 6.22 miles @ 9:27
Sunday, 10/17: 11 miles @ ~9:37 **
Wednesday, 10/20: 2.01 miles @ 8:34
Thursday, 10/21: 5.06 miles @ 9:10

** This is estimated because I do not have access to the Garmin that has the specific information – I’m at work right now**

See, the Garmin really does make me faster. Obviously the little wrist computer doesn’t actually give me a different body or anything super awesome like that, but having it attached to my wrist makes me all the more aware of my pace. Toward the end of today’s run I did not feel like I was moving that fast but the Garmin told me I was running somewhere between 7:57 and 8:18 miles for over a mile. That is basically phenomenal for me! I don’t see myself as someone that fast…maybe there is hope!?

Okay, enough being pumped about my Garmin and my newfound speed! I need to eat some lunch…

Workout: A supah fast 5.06 miles with a pace of 9:10. I pretty much rocked my own socks off this morning!

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