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Posted Sep 21 2010 4:38am
I don't try to hide the fact that my life is often chaotic. I am overscheduled and overworked. We tend to walk a fine line between smooth sailing and total destruction. Or at least it feels that way.

The vast majority of the time, I like my jam-packed schedule, as I am the type of person who tends to work better when there is a lot to get done. Loose deadlines are my downfall. I know this. But, even though I usually run through my daily checklists without a second thought, some days it's not that easy.

Yesterday was not that easy. It all started on Sunday night when J's car was smoking from underneath the hood. We both thought it best that he not take Dizzle to school, but head to the mechanic to get it looked at instead. So, I took Dizzle. And normally, that would be OK. But, yesterday, I had zero wiggle room. And I had already used that up.

Dizzle and I headed to school at 7:35. I dropped her off and was back at my house at 7:50, which gave me exactly 10 minutes to get Doodle and Dilly ready to leave the house for the day. I was assigned to work in Doodle's preschool yesterday, which meant we needed to be there by 8:45.

So, you are probably saying to yourself, "Well, T that gave you 45 minutes to get to preschool. Easy peasy." And that is where you would be wrong. Sure, if I left at 8:00 I would have 45 minutes to get there, but I failed to mention the fact that I had to drive Dilly to G 's (my savior and training partner) house first. And G lives 15 minutes away. 15 minutes not in the direction of the preschool.

Still, leaving at 8:00 should have given me enough time. If I actually could have left at 8:00. Which I was going to. Until Doodle spilled my ENTIRE CUP OF COFFEE into the driver's seat of my car. So, I had to go back inside and get towels. And a new cup of coffee. After 10 minutes or so, we were on our way. And I made it a whole half mile before the coffee on the seat had soaked through to my pants. Fun times.

Eventually, we got to G's and I dropped off Dilly. She was happy and cheerful. For about three minutes, then apparently, G had to deal with my crying child for the next 4.5 hours. (Did I mention that she's my savior?) Anyway, Doodle and I then headed as quickly as possible (without excessively speeding) to school and we got there - one minute late.

Didn't I tell you I border on chaos at all times?

(Note: The day did slightly improve after that. Well, until we picked up Dilly. Her crying wasn't just for G. She also cried for hours on end for me. Needless to say, by 5 p.m., I had had enough of everything ...)
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