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Catching up.

Posted Jan 27 2013 10:16am
 I did not get as many runs in this week as I had planned due to jury duty on Wednesday that took up way to much of my day.  I did do the elliptical and a HIIT workout instead.  Thursday was a rest day and Friday I got off work a little early so I got home and threw on my shoes and running clothes as fast as I could.  I knew if Rance and the kids got home before I got out the door I probably wouldn't get my run in. 

I did 4 miles at a 7:47 pace.  Felt pretty good.  and it was super nice out I got to run in a skirt.  Feels so good to get out of the tights! 

Saturday was perfect weather, and I do mean PERFECT.  It was a sunny, barely a breeze and in the low 40s.  My sister and I were able to get in a run together.  I really only had 6 or 7 planned and she had her long run.  I think she was shooting for 9.  It was so super nice out we ended up doing 10.5.

We did a loop we hadn't done before.  The first five miles were all gradual uphill with one very serious hill and then it was pretty easy sailing from there.

These pictures were taken at the top of the big ass hill.  We needed a breather moment, my quads and glutes were cramping from the hill.  It was a perfect photo op.  We should have done full body pics because we were very colorful.  I had on lime green compression socks and she had on bright purple shoes. 

We decided if we were holidays I was Christmas and she was Easter.

The view from the top.
ahh... heaven

I also got these in the mail on Friday. I don't really like working out to DVDs, but I really like her workouts, so I have no doubt that I will watch them, write down the moves and do it on my own. 

12 workouts, plus a bonus abs routine.  I thought it was a pretty good deal for under twenty dollars including shipping.  I am going to do the first one this morning.  I think it has a lot of burpees in it.  Hmmm. All the workouts are body weight, which I LOVE. 

I am still eating Paleo/Primal but I do admit to indulging in a piece of dark chocolate cake that was heavenly Friday night.  

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