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Catching up with pictures

Posted Oct 10 2012 1:25pm

First, thanks for all of your comments on yesterday’s post . They are VERY much appreciated.

There is absolutely no way to fully recap what I’ve been up to for the past, well, month because Sean and I have been on the go every. single. weekend. To say it’s been exhausting would be a massive understatement. I seriously don’t think we’ve ever been this busy. And honestly, it’s showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. We have something going on every weekend for pretty much the rest of the year. So to try and do a mini catch up without actually rambling about every little thing (well, let’s be honest, I’ll probably ramble too), I’m gonna catch up with pictures Smile


Louie’s been sick on and off for about a month now. He’s mastered looking pathetic in the crate when he has to visit the vet. Don’t let this sad face fool you though, the vet called me one afternoon to tell me that he managed to terrorize the entire place and poop everywhere in protest at having to give a urine sample. Awesome. Proud mama right here <—insert sarcasm font.


The boy turned 27 last month. He’s getting old. We celebrated with sushi. It was delicious


Also, I feel like we might have gotten ripped off with our fortunes. I could be wrong though.



Sometime in September I stopped drinking coffee every morning and started having tea instead. I’m not really sure why. I go through phases. My favorite is the outrageously overpriced yogi tea. Mainly because of the wise advice they offer with every tea bag.


I’ve been running. I discovered a new-to-me trail on my way home from work one day. It looks like this. I love it because it’s right between two very busy roads but you once you step onto the trail you can’t tell at all. It’s very peaceful. Also, it goes on for days. I am a fan.


Here is a picture of Louie in a tiny box. If you’re wondering where Leo is, he was getting ready to pounce.


One of my friends from high school is getting married soon so we got to shower her with gifts during a recent bridal shower. She pretty much rocks. Also, I really like my dress. I got it on clearance at GAP outlet.


We’ve been hanging out with friends a lot. I love each and every one of these girls. I also will never be styling my hair like that again or wearing that outfit. The things you learn through pictures.


One of my best friends (the one standing next to me in the last picture) got married a few weeks ago. We had rockin’ bridesmaids outfits. You can’t really tell in this picture, but you can see the BEAUTIFUL Kendra Scott earrings she bought us. Also, I had my makeup airbrushed for the first time and decided that I want someone to come airbrush my makeup every day. Ironically, I am wearing zero makeup today.


In addition to running, I’ve been trying to do some crosstraining too. I’m not very good at it. Also, I am convinced that the people on the cover of Shape aren’t real. No one really looks like that, do they?


Sean has been racing motocross. Here is a picture of him dominating. Last weekend he raced twice and took 2nd and 3rd. He’s pretty much a badass.


I bought new shoes!! My Nikes had a million miles on them and I wanted to try a different type of minimalist shoe, so I decided to try out these Brooks. They look fast, so I assume that they will make me fast. Also, they were $10 cheaper than the Nikes. #priorities


To end, here is a picture of Louie in the microwave. I don’t know why he’s in there. I went to grab food out of it and while I was stirring it up he jumped in. He hung out there for a good 15 minutes while Sean and I laughed and took pictures. We have really exciting lives, promise.

And now you’re caught up, because Louie in the microwave was last night. Exciting stuff, huh?

What have you all been up to? Anyone run in Brooks Pureconnects? Any favorite minimalist running shoes?

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