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Catching Up, Upcoming Sole Burner 5k, New Gear and a Possible Visit to the UK

Posted May 03 2011 12:00am
Well time has slipped away from me over the last few days. Sorry for the lack of a blog but as expected the family schedule is ramping up to full speed. The past three days have been full of the kids having sports related practices and games, church, belated Easter with my mother, swimming lessons and a cub scout meeting. Add to that longer hours at work and now my daughter is sick. I am exhausted and know that either I will have to build up a tolerance for this schedule, learn to pace myself or a little of both. At least as of last night my leadership in the cub scouts has concluded. So I at least have one less thing to worry about or be responsible for.

The Sole Burner 5k race to support the American Cancer Society is this Saturday. I believe it is the largest 5k in the Fox Valley and is very well attended. A family friend is running with her family and like 65 other people. It is one of the races where you look around and know a lot of the people. I like the race because it was my first 5k ever, it’s not far from my house and it starts at my church. It now runs by my new office as well so I know the area well and have done the route a few times. I’m probably more comfortable on this course than any other in the valley. Oh, I will also see my new friend Tracey of the littlest tumor organization and her group near the finish line. I’m really excited to run it even if my training has been hit or miss over the last couple of weeks. I am planning on trying to do the run walk approach and really try to eliminate long periods of walking, especially my traditional half mile to warm up walk. My overall goal is to try and beat the first two 5k times of the season if not do better.

I did get a couple of new pieces of running gear this past weekend. I think my wife wanted to motivate me with some gifts. So while at TJ Max I spotted a few running items and started to study them and ponder if I should spend my allowance on them. The first couple of items were Nathan hydration belts. I already have the 4 bottle version that I was holding but for the price considered getting a second. But they also had the Nathan Elite plus belt that has a 22 ounce bottle plus a small GU bottle as well. I do not have a single bottle hydration belt so I grabbed that one. I also ran across some Crocs that were “prepares” that I think is to help with tired feet. Again I had looked at similar ones for well over a year and for the price ($12) compared to 4 times that amount I grabbed these as well. So I walked away felling happy and well-loved with some new gear to call my own. The belt will be used a lot in the coming months. I know it is a larger bottle but I will most likely use this to cover me until I get really serious maybe late July. At that point I hope to start training with a couple of Hammer Nutrition products and will turn to the 4 bottle belt to do the long runs with. So gear wise I think I am pretty set. Now just have to buy the Hammer stuff in the next month or so.  I learned yesterday that I may be traveling for the first time with my new role. I’ll possibly be going to the UK for two weeks. As I mentioned a blog or so ago I love London so this will be a great trip for me. The work will be challenging but I will learn a lot from going over and auditing the site. The down side of this is that it begins on my birthday so I will miss that with the family. Now throw in missing father’s day and that will be strange and a little difficult. I have a 10k race that first weekend as well and not sure if I will be able to run it and still get to the UK on time. I’ll have to work on that. I am excited as I will be taking the running gear and doing some training while over there. I will have more “me” time I think so I can do the running without feeling guilty about disrupting the family schedule. For that time frame I have 12 and 13 mile long runs scheduled so I think that will work. I hate to admit it but I already looked to see if there were any races going on while I am over there. There are quite a few but nothing real exciting that is close to where I will be working. So race wise I doubt if I will do anything, but it would have been pretty cool to do my first international race while there.
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