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Cardio Wednesday! 3.30.11

Posted Mar 30 2011 10:10pm

Hello, Friends!

Per usual, I attended spin class at Equinox tonight. This is probably the first night it wasn’t pitch black outside before class started.  It was great to have some natural light in the cycling studio!

Spin Studio, 2nd floor - Street View

Julie played new Britney  during the first hill, which put a smile on my face and raised my energy level for the rest of class!  Today was such a slooooow day at work, so I needed that boost of energy!  I definitely did not drink enough water today… I hardly sweat (which is out of the norm for spin class) and my forehead was totally salty post-ride.  Bad Liz.  I fished up tonight with the usual: foam roll, ab work and hip work.  Burned a couple few hundred calories tonight, which is good because I had lunch with a friend today and didn’t eat as healthy as I normally do with my homemade lunches!

Love how many calories I burn spinning!

Tomorrow’s workout: possible 2 mile run before work (we’ll see about that when my alarm goes off) and Cardio Core Ball class after work…. maybe a little lifting if I’m feeling it.  If no morning run, I’ll run 2 miles after class. I have Friday off since I’m flying to Nashville, so I can afford to spend a little extra time at the gym tomorrow night.

It was SO light when I left  work at 5 and still at 7 when I left the gym. I love it!  Too bad I still had to suit up in my down coat and scarf!  The sun was deceiving!

Sunny on the walk to the gym!

Blue skies at 7pm!

Pink sky over Lake Michigan!

AND NOW I’m going to finish up some laundry (I’m out of gym clothes!) and watch tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds!  I will also drink some more water before bed, since I’m clearly dehydrated!  Goodnight! :)

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