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Cardio + Strength Circuit Workout

Posted Dec 13 2011 12:25pm

Hello friends! I’ve written up a quick cardio/strength circuit workout based on timed intervals. This workout is based on maximal effort for a set amount of time.

Time to complete: Approx 45 minutes

Equipment: Small hurdles , dumbbells or medicine ball, gliders , TRX (if you don’t have all of these items, I mentioned some substitutions below.

Set up 3 hurdles laterally in front of you. I like the Nike Sparq Training hurdles . If you don’t have hurdles, you can use anything else with some height, or even a line/rope on the ground. Just make sure you jump HIGH!

Complete the following set of exercises:

-Continuous lateral jumps over the 3 hurdles, back and forth

-Jump Rope


Complete each of the three exercises in the following sequence (every exercise in every set). Take 10 seconds rest in between each time change. (So, after the run, you will wait 10 seconds before starting the next set of 3 exercises).

Set 1: 20 seconds of each.

Set 2: 30 seconds of each

Set 3: 45 seconds of each

Set 4: 30 seconds of each

Set 5: 20 seconds of each

Next, a timed strength circuit. One time through. Do each exercise three times and then move to the next exercise. (1st set lasts 45 seconds.  2nd set lasts 30 seconds. 3rd set lasts 20 seconds.)

*30 seconds rest/to move from station to station.

1) Squat to press (hold squat for a few seconds, press up dumbbells or a medicine ball)

2) Hamstring curls with gliders (paper plates work too-do these on carpet). Keep hips up!

3) Wall sits with 10 lb weight. (Make sure legs stay parallel to ground.) Bring weight in, out, up above head, then down. Repeat that sequence for entire time while staying in the wall sit.

4) Bench press (can be done with dumbbells-make sure they are heavy enough!)

5) TRX pull ups (place a dowel through straps) If you don’t have a TRX, do push ups.

For core, do the following exercises for 45 seconds:

1) Suitcase/reverse crunches

2) Bicycles (fast and slow)

3) Russian twists with medicine ball

4) Planks, knee to opposite elbow

Enjoy! Let me know what you think of this workout by commenting below.

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