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can i train for a marathon in 3 months

Posted by David Goodier

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Depends on where you're currently at, your age, physical condition.

As a suggestion, don't start marathon training until you're running at least 24 miles per week, with your longest run being at least 6 miles. Three months, or about 13 weeks, isn't much time. Most marathon plans require around 18 weeks.

Keep in mind there are two phases to marathon training. First, you train to complete a marathon. Most plans only do this. Second, you continue running long distance (weekly long runs around 14-17 miles) to help your body get used to the distance. This second phase usually takes at least an additional year, and two or three years is even better. So, if this is your first marathon, forget speed. Just focus on completing it, even if you have to walk some of it. The last 6 miles is harder than the first 20 miles.

As another suggestion, visit and read about marathon training, marathon plans, and the stress of a marathon.


Thank you Allen. I am 39 6ft and 12.5 stone. I have let myself down really as i started training 3 months ago with a partner but they pulled out and i found it hard to get motivated going out occasionaly. I have got sponsorship now and my company has paid my entry fee so i am under real pressure to do it but i really do want to. I am now only running 15 miles a week over 4 day's but i am going to Grafam Water on sunday to try and complete an 8 mile circuit. I understand that i will have to walk some of it but i think i am just looking for somebody to tell i can do it as long as i put the work in now which i am going to. Dave

Hi David,

Do the best you can in your training, but don't push for speed, just for distance. Be sure and take a 3-week taper in distance. During the race, try to maintain a relatively constant pace. A common mistake is going out too fast and then running out of energy. Take 1-minute or longer walking breaks, and walk as much as you need to. Your goal is to finish the distance, and walking is just honorable as running or jogging.

Our earlier posts aren't dated, and I don't remember when we wrote them. How soon is the marathon? How long is your longest run each week. How do you feel after that run?

Hello Allen

 I have just completed 11 miles yesterday but i have a problem with pains on the inside of my knees it doesn't hurt when i bend them but it really hurts when i put weight on them this also happened last week after doing 8 miles. Problem is now that i can't run during the week as my knees are so painful and it takes until Sunday for me to be able to run on them again. I have been told that as i don't have any pain when bending my knees that it is just my bones getting used to it, is this true. I am now worried that i will only be able to do my long runs on a Sunday and nothing during the week. If i get upto 20 miles running on a sunday will this still be enough to get me through the marathon. When i ran the 11 miles yesterday i felt great in myself not short of breath just the obvious tiredness in my legs but the pain in the inside of my knees for the next 4 or 5 day's is horrendous. I run the marathon on the 18th April and i am upto 11 miles and aslong as my knees hold out i am confident of upping it to 20 miles over the next 2 months. Any advice would be more than welcome. Dave

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