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CamelBak Groove Bottle Review and Giveaway

Posted Jan 22 2011 12:00am

I remember when drinking water used to be so simple.

There was a time when you didn’t have to worry about tap water impurities, plastic bottle toxins, or contributing to a Great Pacific Garbage Patch . Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that we didn’t know that we should worry about such things.

Times have changed, though – and fortunately, water bottle technology has kept pace with all of the concerns that modern consumers have about the once-simple act of drinking water. Exhibit A is CamelBak’s Groove , a reusable bottle that’s a culmination of several of the company’s recent innovations.

CamelBak Groove

The Groove is a 20-oz bottle made from 100% BPA-free Tritan plastic, with a stainless steel version available as well. It has conveniences such as a thumb loop for convenient carrying or clipping onto a bag, a “flip and sip” straw which prevents leaking when closed, and a Big Bite valve to provide a larger volume of fluid per sip. Most importantly, though, is that the bottle contains its own replaceable filtration system that can purify water from any tap source.

CamelBak’s filtration device sits inside the straw, making it less top heavy than other bottles with filters in the cap. The filter is made of coconut carbon, a plant-based (and therefore sustainable) source that effectively absorbs particulates and chemicals for up to 300 refills. With the filter removed, the remainder of the bottle is completely dishwasher safe, and when the filter’s life span is expired, you can use to continue using the bottle for as long as you like.

I've been using my bottle for about a month now, and I can attest that it's extremely user-friendly. The loop makes carrying very easy, the flip top straw prevents any leaking at all, and the taste of water from the valve doesn't have any sort of odd taste to it. This is the only reusable bottle of mine that has a straw, and I've found it a nice convenience to not have to tip my bottle upside down to drink from it - this feature seems especially handy during work meetings. The straw goes practically all the way to the bottom, so you're only lacking a half-ounce or so when it's time to refill. I have the graphite color, which looks pretty cool, but there are a few others you can choose from to suit your preference.

At (or $32 for the stainless steel version, from the same link), the Groove offers an affordable way to eliminate the consumption of disposable bottles while ensuring that your drinking water is safe no matter where your daily routine takes you. Drinking might not be as simple as it used to be, but CamelBak’s Groove bottle takes almost all of the hassle out of doing the right things.

For one reader, the deal is even better: CamelBak will give away a free Groove bottle to a winner selected at random from the comments below. Leave a comment, and I’ll announce the winner this weekend. Thanks very much to CamelBak, and good luck to everybody!

*Product provided by CamelBak
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