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Calling All Fat Asses!

Posted Nov 20 2012 1:18am
First, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This coming Sunday marks the beginning of my fifth winter season organizing my Winter Fat Ass series. I am more excited than ever knowing that finally, the events have taken off. In the winter of 2007-2008, I made a commitment to create a series of Fat Ass style events to help motivate folks, and facilitate their training, through the rugged winter months. Let's face it, the winter is long, cold, lonely.. and training through it can be a drag. The word motivation is nothing more than an empty pit of boredom.. and our aspirations for a coming summer season of successes, is slowly dwindling away.
Those first two years, I was lucky to get 3 or 4 folks to join me for my planned runs. Then in my last winter in New England, I topped out at a whopping 7 runners at one event. When I moved to Colorado, I knew that I needed to keep my tradition going. Not just as a way to train through the winter, but as a way to create a better ultra-community here in the Front Range. Not that the community here isn't great all ready, but I always saw folks training alone and seldom in groups.

My goal has never been to start a mainstream event much like Western States or Leadville got their starts. My goal has truly been:
  1. It gives us something to look forward to
  2. It provides mini-goals for you on your journey to whatever summer race you're training for
  3. It helps build a stronger ultra-community in our area - Creates Relationships
  4. Each event provides an opportunity to push yourself a little further and in different ways.. be it physical or mental. (Human Potential)
  5. Prove to my fellow ultra runners that you can run long, have a great time, meet people.. all without shelling out hundreds of dollars
  6. To infect others, across the nation, to create events that are the same
This winter is off to a great success all ready. 45 folks have signed up for my Fat Ass mailing list. With a number that large, I wondered how many would actually sign-up for even one event. Well, this Sunday is the first Fat Ass of the season. I have 20 confirmed runners so far, and 5 maybes on the list. The 45 people on the mailing list is a new record, and if all 20 show up.. it will break last years record of 10 (an all time record). I'm truly hoping that next Winter, The Human Potential Fat Ass Series will take place across the entire USA, with folks pushing themselves to train hard and perform, all winter long. I know some of my old friends up in New England, are continuing the winter tradition there, without me.

Other Notes..
I continue to slowly shed weight. The scale read 168 Saturday afternoon, the first time I was sub 170 in a few months. I'm excited. I was back at 170 this morning, but after the first 4 weeks of my new Green Smoothie Diet.. I'll take it. It means I am losing weight at a very healthy weight.. without crash dieting. This is very good news.

Every year, this continues to be a really stressful week for me. Not because of the Holiday, but because of where I was this week in 2008. Checked into a psychiatric ICU for severe depression. I am still haunted by the many things that I went through during that time in my life. I suffer from a bit of PTSD from it and yes.. still dealing with depression. Do me a favor.. hug your loved ones extra close this week. Tell them you love them.

A look back to 2008: Depression 101
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