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cake batter and jelly beans

Posted Jul 30 2009 12:00am

I remember my first experience with GU. It was in sixth grade. My best friend at the time used to love to buy the little packets from the running store and squirt them into her mouth until each little glob was gone from the packet. She offered to let me try but I did not understand why anyone in his or her right mind would ever want to eat some that looked so unsavory.

Enter Team for Kids into my life. From the first practice onward other runners, coaches, and nutritionists talked about the need for finding some sort of energy replacement product for longer runs and ultimately the marathon. Various options were thrown around from the more traditional gels to carrying a baked potato with salt on it during the marathon! As much as I love baked potatoes they seemed a bit messy and cumbersome to run with. Weeks passed by and as the runs became longer more people started talking about taking something on the run. Now this weekend is our 14-mile run. I am not sure if it is absolutely necessary to have something but the number of miles is starting to get up there so I decided to investigate my options a bit.

Yesterday I bought Chocolate Outrage GU that I decided to take to work with me for dessert. How bad could something with a name like "Chocolate Outrage" be? I was pleasantly surprised when something tasting like water mixed with boxed chocolate cake mix entered my mouth. Not bad. Not bad, even as dessert.

Today while looking up some running things, I discovered the Jelly Belly makes something called Sport Beans! How exciting! Of course, I had to run to a store that sells them after work to try them, this time for dessert after dinner. For these I was highly optimistic because I figured they could not destroy a jellybean. However, the salty chewy thing in my mouth did not excite me. It did not taste bad exactly; just a little too salty and hard to get down, something I do not want to have to deal with in the middle of the marathon. I will stick with my chocolate cake batter.

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