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C2Pilates Barre Class with Carolyn

Posted Mar 01 2013 4:56am

This past Wednesday I got up for an early 6:30am C2Pilates barre class taught by one of the co-owners Carolyn.  Carolyn had just come back from vacation so Katie was filling in when I attended class last Wednesday .  Before Katie started class, one of the students had mentioned that during her vacation Carolyn had texted her to remind her something about a class.  The student wanted to tell Carolyn, “You are supposed to be on vacation and not worrying about work!  So go enjoy yourself!”  I smiled because I could see how difficult it would be to go on vacation and not think about your studio when you are so passionate about it!

Like Carolyn, I’m one of those people who can’t really sit still and relax completely…unless I’m exhausted from a long run or tough workout.  My friends and coworkers tease me saying that I go a million miles a minute (ha-I wish! BQ in no time, right?!) or that I must have an off switch someplace.  I am hoping I don’t find that off switch for some time-I have too many things that I want to do! …like barre!  

My fellow running club member Marcia also made this week’s class.  Both Marcia and I need a good morning workout to help us be more productive at work.

C2Pilates Barre with Carolyn and Marcia

Did you notice that Marcia and I were kind of matching?! Great minds really DO think alike!  Next time, we’ll have to call Carolyn the night before to be sure to coordinate with her too!

C2Pilates Barre with Carolyn and Marcia

Carolyn got us warmed up right away and so much that we even opened the window.  The breeze from the outside felt so good and it got me thinking about how much I am looking forward to SPRINGTIME!  I want to wear spring dresses to work, not worry about bulky puffy jackets, and get more of that vitamin D from on my outdoor runs.

No worries-I’ll still be attending barre classes.  I love the toning that I am getting done to keep me strong for my future marathons and also looking good for the springtime-and before we know it-summertime clothes!  I was actually scheduled for the “core” class yesterday morning but I had some things come up at work and had to get in early instead.  I hope to make it to this class at some point-who doesn’t want to go to a class that you work on your core?  I am seriously aiming for those nice “beach body” abs!

Now time to get my Friday morning sweat on again!  Last week Margaret got our LTB on at an  early morning Pure Barre  class and this morning we are going to core fusion cardio at Exhale Spa .  I’m a little nervous because it’s my first time to this class but I’ve heard it’s really amazing.  Even if it is super tough, I’ll get through it with the moral support of Margaret!  Gotta love workout buddies!

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