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Building Blocks of Running

Posted by Heather J.

If you’re new to running, it’s easy to get locked into the same routine day in, day out. But that same six-mile route gets stale after a while, and your body will too, if you don’t mix it up a bit. For overall improved performance, including a boost in speed and endurance and improved running form, work toward incorporating the following workouts into your running program.

With the exception of the “easy run,” if the workouts below look foreign to you, remember to start slowly. Begin by possibly lengthening your Saturday or Sunday run to build up to a “long run,” and add in a bit of fartlek (speed play) into one of your mid-week runs. You can find details on all of these types of workouts both here and via Runner’s World and Running Times’ websites. Enjoy!

Building blocks:

Fartlek (for speed and pace)

Hills (for strength)

Tempo Runs (for speed and pace)

Intervals (for speed)

The Long Run (for endurance)

Easy run (for recovery)

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