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Brunch is not the same as stretching

Posted Sep 14 2011 9:58pm

Sunday, I had my first double digit run of marathon season – 12 miles! To be honest, it was almost double the miles of my previous “long” runs. Weekends before had included 5-7 mile runs. What can I say, I’ve been busy. There is a smart rule in marathon training whereby you only increase your weekly mileage 10% per week and your long runs by 1-2 miles max. Needless to say, my 6 mile increase was probably not my smartest idea. You may not remember that time I ran a full marathon with a pulled hamstring, but I do and that was a dumb idea too. Hardcore, maybe, completely stupid, definitely.

I should have made it right home after my run and spent the next hour stretching. Instead, I hopped in the shower, cleaned around the house and went to brunch. Brunch is good for the soul; it is not a substitute for stretching.

Thus, my right ankle has been killing me all week and I have been living in my compression socks. They are super cool looking similar to denim on denim super coolness. Thankfully, they are black so I can get away with wearing them under work pants and no one really notices.

So, I am back on the stretching band wagon and making good use of my ice packs. I did a 4 miler after work today while wearing them and my ankle held up fine. It’s still sore but I think the run actually stretched it out some.

Tomorrow’s training calls for a 6 miler with hill repeats. Oh hills, I love you, I hate you, I will try to conquer you in the A M.

In non-running news, I have 9 days left as a single lady, and we only have 6 days until our wedding/honeymoon/fun time vacation begins!

I would tell you how excited I was, but then I would be like a broken record. Instead, I will say that I am ecstatic that the big day is almost here!

Soon to come – plenty of house pictures and well, more pictures in general. I feel I need to give ya’ll something fun to look at! Our house is still experiencing flash flood levels of furniture boxes, boxes labeled as “other junk” and random wedding things. I will tidy up, I will photograph, I will share.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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