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Bruised Apples I have a ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am

Bruised Apples

I have a pain in the ass!! The Buckeye Half has aggravated a muscle I'm prone to riling up. I can't even tell you precisely what muscle it is; I don't think it's the apple of your ass hemisphere exactly, the gluteus maximus, but one of the small associated connecting ligaments just to the left of the tailbone. It's not really that bad--I can can still run just fine and I'm not walking like an idiot. It's a little thing really, that I hardly notice it during the day, but you know how those little things can turn into big things when you're on the cusp of running your love it/hate it all time favorite marathon? My little pain in the ass can turn into total ass misery by mile 15. I just read Mike K.'s post about his mental game--coming through the finish with an awesome time, but my mental game has me standing off the side of Sand Run Parkway begging strangers to rub out my ass.

My husband has offered a litany of perverted therapies which will probably not take care of my problem, but give me new ones. I sit at my computer at work with my hand down the back of my pants trying to massage the little knot that refuses to relax. I've been slathering this stuff I got as a finishing prize in the Buckeye 50--it's a hippy dippy alternative to Ben Gay called Recovery's cinnamon scented, so I don't have shock wave olfactory associations with my grandparents or my days working the geriatric medical unit. It's the bomb, but it only temporarily masks the nagging little discomfort that is really not that bad but could have my butt rendered useless by mile 18. What should I do?

I tried a session of Pilates. This made everything else feel better; my back was getting tight, but the crick in my ass remains. Should I try heat? What is this? Anyone have a good knowledge of butt anatomy--just to the left of my tailbone? I think I'm going to take the next two days totally off running and aggressively focus on my apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what to do when the apples are bruised?
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