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Britt’s got the bug! The Marathon bug!

Posted Apr 12 2011 6:16am

For you new readers, I wanted to have something fun for first time marathoners.  I got a Build a Bear from my friends for my first marathon and want to send it to you first time marathoners!  (For more check out the Mary the Bear Page ).

The first lucky person to hang out with Mary was Britt from Writing and Running who ran the Big D Marathon in Dallas Texas.

Here is Britt’s story in her words!

* Note to all 1st timers running in the spring: wear sunscreen. I look like a cherry with a horrible farmer’s tan. This is the most important piece of advice I can give* 

But on to the actual story of my 1st marathon experience…

I’m not really sure what made me decide to run a marathon. The idea just sort of struck me one day in college after I had gotten the running bug. It was just something that I suddenly knew I wanted to do, and after I graduated college the idea sort of consumed me and I knew it was something I wanted to do now. 
During my training I learned that despite past injuries and other people’s opinions, my body is strong enough to train for a marathon and yesterday I learned it is strong enough to complete one!


I think my favorite part of the whole race experience was the night before. I hosted a “Carb Loading Feast” for my two most favorite people in Dallas, my boyfriend and my brother. We made pasta, ate frozen yogurt and watched the ever-inspiring “Run Fatboy Run.” I loved hanging out with my boys.


I made a time goal for myself. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I’m a runner-I like numbers –so I made one. I didn’t meet my time goal, but after several pep talks from my boyfriend, my brother and myself, I have concluded that I am a rock star anyways and that there will always be another race to train for and make my goal time. That’s why they’re called goals, right?


After the race, I treated the boys (and myself…obviously!) to some huge, delicious milkshakes. I would definitely recommend this as a post-marathon reward. I had changed out of my race shirt & into my finisher’s shirt…and felt ridiculously awesome wearing it and my medal into my favorite ice cream shop located by my old college campus.


I would definitely recommend that any 1st time marathoners have people they love waiting for them at the finish. It meant so much to me that my boyfriend and brother spent 4 hours and 59 minutes waiting for me to accomplish a life long goal and both of them gave me huge hugs after I finished, even though I was a sweaty salty mess.


Completing your 1st marathon is an amazing experience, but having people there to share it with, who know how much the race means to you makes it even better.
Since then I’ve been spending a lot of time on my bed. Post-race on race day, I was moving slower than my 80 year old grandmother. Today I’m much more mobile…but I haven’t exactly left my apartment…the stairs scare me…. 

I know I definitely want to run another marathon, but there are some things I want to do first. After running one, I really want to work on my speed and I want to work on building up my leg muscles-more specifically my quads and hamstrings. I think both of those things would really work to my advantage in my next go at it.  I want power thighs for my next marathon to power through it! 

I would do some things differently during my training though. I relied way too much on the treadmill and when I ran outside it was always on flat ground. I would definitely incorporate some hills into my training runs next time. I also should have attempted to run in different temperatures. My training runs were all done early on cold mornings. April in Dallas is not always cold as I learned yesterday. I should have made an effort to do more afternoon runs on warmer days, just so I would have been better prepared for the heat.

Britt!  I’m so excited about your first marathon!  CONGRATS!!!  I can’t wait to see what comes next and how you change your training.
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