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Bring on the salt!

Posted Sep 26 2013 7:14am
Well that was interesting! Over the past few months (okay years actually) I've had issues with tachycardia and becoming lightheaded, sweating and nearly passing out. This seems to be getting worse so I finally gave in last Friday and saw a doctor, yes despite working in medicine I avoid obtaining healthcare for myself! 

After some routine labs (all normal) which showed I am no longer anemic and my thyroid is finally at a good level, yay that doesn't happen often, got to love hypothyroid I was referred to a cardiologist. The appointment started as normal...EKG, orthostatic blood pressures which are low as always and a pulse of 50....and now wait for the doctor.

Enter the doctor and we run through symptoms, history, etc including my eating patterns and I mention I run and workout most days. We talk more he gives me his possible diagnosis ideas and starts to set up further tests as I ask "will there be any issue running?" And now it gets interesting...

"Well how much do you run?"

Me: "50-60 miles a week." 

Doctor is laughing! What? "You didn't tell you ran that much, well that changes everything."  He continued to go on about how much I ran and how that combined with my size, persistent low pulse and blood pressure were due to chronic dehydration and low sodium...

No wonder my sodium is low with all that salt sweated on my hat!

What? I drink what feels like gallons of water a day. But my body just has a delicate fluid balance, now combine that with my extreme salty sweat and I am in trouble. So we put further testing on hold in exchange for get this...a high salt diet! What cardiologist prescribes that? I was told to focus on drinking enough to pee clear hourly and overdose on salt for a week or two and see how I feel. This is all great in theory but I am not a fan of salty foods. Today my grocery cart didn't look like my own...

What is your favorite salty food? Bonus for healthy options!
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