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Bring it on 2013!

Posted Jan 01 2013 8:42am
Like I mentioned in yesterday's post my attitude about 2012 is not the best and as I rethink how it all went down and look at my goals I become even more disappointed in many aspects of myself but also see my strength and changes in others. A friend summed it up pretty well: "I had a plan and it changed now I can't figure out a plan that makes me happy."

2012 Results
  • sub 3:30 marathon (would love sub 3:20) PRs at other distances: No PRs in 2012
  • Add in yoga or pilates 1-2x week: I did manage yoga once and pilates a little more
  • Do an tri again, meaning I need to start swimming: Another fail here, no tri but I did swim a few times
  • Strength training 2-3x week and XT 2x week: My only success! Regular 3x week strength training and 2x week spin class
  • Run a 50K: Nope, sat it out due to injury
  • Graduate!! and pass boards: No, after issues with clinical placement I decided to take an incomplete and finish this spring instead
  • Decide on the plan for my project (either start again in fall or wait another year): I guess I decided to wait!
  • Spend more time with friends, make a point to see people monthly: Somewhat, but could be better
  • Bike to work in better weather: Nope!
  • Plan menus each week with more diversity and develop more recipes: Finally another success
  • Ran 2126.1 total miles
  • Became RRCA Certified Run Coach & NASM Certified CPT
As I sit here looking to what 2013 has in store for me and my first race of the year and wondering why I live in the nasty tundra (it is -11F as I type) I am aiming to have a positive attitude. 
Fitness Goals
Life Goals
Happy New Year: Bring it on 2013!

2013 will not defeat me!
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