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Bright (Bright) Sunshiney Day

Posted Jun 11 2010 5:40am

There.  I admit it.
I tried when sports sunscreen first came out to wear it, but it was NOT sweat-proof (or at least my kind of sweat-proof) and the alcohol in it made my skin so dry.  I am one of the fortunate people who rarely burn.  My fair skinned husband and I will go out on the beach, he'll put on spf 70 and I'll forget to put on anything, because 70 is ridiculous.  After 2 hours, he looks like a lobster and I look, well, tan.

But, I'm paying a cost, I've noticed a couple of years ago, right there on my face, which gets some protection because my moisturizer has some sunscreen, a few dreaded age spots.  Bigger than freckles, darker than the tan.  My shoulders look a little too dry and wrinkly.  Yuck.  I tried again to a) sweat-proof sunscreen and b) wear a hat.  The hat was too hot and the sunscreen was the one you get at the grocery store.  Probably more for beach volley ball and mowing the lawn than for a hot muggy 14 mile run.

I want to use sunscreen, I noticed one thing from it (besides it getting in your eyes and making your hands grossly sticky, from wiping my face, on the run), it kept me cooler.  I didn't feel as overheated with it on.  For someone who has a tough time running in the heat, that's a major plus., why aren't I wearing it? Plus, I don't want age spots or lizard skin or worse, skin cancer!

That being said, Miss Zippy 's recent blog is all about SCAPE sunscreen , made for real high endurance athletes!  Miss Zippy knows real athletes (she is one) and she knows the negative effects of over-exposure to the sun (mole removal).  She's having a giveaway and I am hoping to score (and you should too).  But, based on her great recommendation with my high hopes for a good race tomorrow, I think I may hunt down some SCAPE and see if that will help keep me a little cooler and a little safer on my race tomorrow.

How about you, do you wear sunscreen on your runs?  Any recommendations?

As always, good luck to anyone racing this weekend! 

Lobster boy and agespot girl:
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