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Bridgerunning, Hot Yoga, Chocolate Milk, and a Product Review

Posted Oct 09 2010 12:00am
During this morning's run, I started thinking about all the little things I wanted to blog about this week, but didn't have the time. So here's a randomized round-up
Today was the first in a while in which I got to sleep in past 10 o'clock and it was blissful. After briefly lounging with my coffee, I ran an easy six miles through Queens and across the bridge this morning, saving the long 15-miler for tomorrow. I've heard that running across the Queensboro Bridge is one of the toughest parts of the marathon course, so I'm glad that running across it is pretty much a breeze at this point. Though now I understand why that one mile across it seemed to take forever during my CMM training!

A new habit I've fallen into is drinking chocolate milk as recovery fuel. According to a brief in the October issue of Runner's World , runners should have a glass of low-fat or fat-free chocolate milk after runs longer than 45 minutes (or five miles) to speed recovery and make for lower markers of muscle protein breakdown. I make mine with two teaspoons of Ovaltine and skim milk. Vitamin-laden Ovaltine is a gem from my childhood and I'll always be partial to it over Nesquik, etc.

I also sometimes like my Ovaltine on the side of my breakfast for dinner. :-D The other night was scrambled egg whites and whole grain white toast with raspberry jam.

This past week, I also joined up with Jenny and Shannon for my very first session of hot yoga at Yoga to the People . I rarely stretch at all during training (I know) so I knew this would be good for me. I wasn't sure what the appropriate photography etiquette would be, so sorry for the lack of proof! I have to say, I was nervous about it at first-- J&S kept giving me tips like "Drink more water than you usually do," (Um, I already drink two liters a day, plus coffee!) "Bring a towel in case of sweat," (understatement, I'm pretty sure my towel collected about a pound of sweat), and "Try to snag a spot in the back in case it gets so hot you have to run out of the room." But I'm happy to report that I survived! Aside from the major sweatage, I never felt lightheaded or anything, and only had my form corrected once at the end of class (and this was actually because I didn't have an optimal amount of room to work with in my corner for pigeon pose).

I took for-credit yoga and pilates classes in college and while I did enjoy them, I'm not drawn to doing yoga regularly because I find that I just can't turn my brain off (running really fosters keeping it on!), so it never really works as a de-stressor for me. I do like going to a session every once in a while, though, and I'm sure I'll join up with these two again for the hot version in the when it's below freezing outside.

Lastly, I keep forgetting to post a review of my new iPod arm band. I purchased this Griffin Technology - Aerosport one at Best Buy and it's working great so far. It's not too cumbersome and fits perfectly on my scrawny arm (my roomie's borrowed one failed this test) and I can easily work the dial on my iPod through the clear screen.

I'm also thinking I should get a head-start on my marathon playlist. I'm going to need a long one and will for sure be open to suggestions!

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