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Brain dancing

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:54pm
First off, thanks so much for all the encouraging words for the interview! I am all nerves right now, so excuse me if this post jumps all over the place!

Yesterday, James and I set out for a 12 mile run. It's like, every week is a new record for me. I conquered a 6 mile "easy" run and a 12 mile run in one week. Mostly pain free too! Woo!

But lets go back to Saturday for a while. Before the Greek Festival, I was able to get a solid hour of swimming in. I can tell I am getting much smoother in the water. At the end of the work out, I even did 5 laps of all-out Michael Phelps style swimming. I felt like such a champ! :)

The Greek Festival was a blast. The entire place smelled like kebabs, and it drove me crazy with hunger! I got the chicken gyros, which was spectacular. But check out the desserts;

That is a baklava, and a walnut cake drenched in syrup. OMG talk about heaven. The walnut cake was so good I could have cried. Good thing they are not available year round!

OK. Back to the Sunday 12 miler. (I know I'm spastic today, sorry) We ran a new leg of the marathon, from Fairview to Modoc. There is a whole mile of downhill, which was awesome. If I'm running 26.2 miles, I'll take all the downhill that I can get! I also got to test out my new Nathan hand-grip water bottle. (review coming soon) The bottle was a great addition to the run, cause it was a HOT day, and I finally found a way to carry those shot blocks! I am definitely going to stick to the shot blocks; they give me no tummy problems. James also tried out a new drink which was inspired by Bree; Grape juice diluted in water with some sea salt. He said it tasted great; just like a raisin!

We started out too fast on the run, and paid for it during miles 7-9, when our pace dropped by over a minute. Out pace for this run was really inconsistent, but we finished strong, and with a little post run fuel, some ibuprofen, some ice and some strethcing, I feel hardly any tightness/soreness in my legs at all. I am getting more and more confident in my long runs, which is great news as well. Next week we will be running 13 miles, and I am confident I can rock it.

Ok my mind is dancing around. I also wanted to show you the Remanents T-shirt I recently won from Tall Mom on the Run. I straightened my hair and everything for you all for this glamor shot: (FYI I never straighten my hair anymore, so this is kind of A BIG DEAL, haha)
I really like this shirt. It says "Distance makes the heart grow stronger". It's really comfy, and it's long, which I like because I don't wanna be flashing anyone my belly button (um, so 90's!) haha. It's probably gonna become my new favorite shirt! Thank you Mel and Remanets! (PS- they have a lot of other cute running style t-shirts on their website)

Ok, one more brain dance and I'm out. Tomorrow I am going to be having a giveaway, so get excited! :)

All right. Time to go shake these nerves away!

Week three recap
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6X800 at 10K-45 seconds pace.
Wednesday: Weights+walk/run at lunch
Thursday: Spin+walk/run at lunch
Friday: 6 miles + walk at lunch
Saturday: 1 hour swim
Sunday: 12.3 miles
Total miles run: 23.6 miles
Total milestones: 2
Total calories burned: 4,800
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