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Bountiful Baskets: My Basket Runneth Over

Posted Jun 09 2013 12:16am
At the pick-up location. Baskets ready for pick up.
My baskets: 50% fruit 50% vegetable (and my shoe).
I transferred them into my own laundry basket to carry home. Man, that thing was heavy!

I think that I love that you don't know what you are going to get in your basket until you pick it up. If gives you the opportunity to experience new foods and try things you might not traditionally buy. But don't worry, there were plenty of traditional foods too. In my basket I received the following items, but it will change each week (that is the best part).

black plums
red peppers
green chili peppers (these things are huge!)
fennel (yeah, I had to Google it too)
sweet potatoes

My basket runneth over

The basket was so heavy, I could barely carry it back to my car. I am not exaggerating, but maybe I am just weak. I honestly think in the future I will split a basket with a neighbor since there is so much food, I am not sure Hubby and I can eat it all before it spoils.

My next challenge is to do some meal planning so I can come up with some recipes to get good use out of all this food. What did I ever do without Pinterest ?

In the end I paid$15 for a conventional basket.
$3 first time basket fee (this is used to buy a basket to sort food at the location. It stays there for your future orders).
$1.50 credit card fee.

Total first time cost: $19.50. Next time it will only be $16.50 since I already paid the first time basket fee. I feel like this is an incredible bargain for all these fruits and vegetables!

  1. Check out the New Participant information on the website.
  2. Sign up early, baskets can sell out quickly in your county.
  3. Bring your contribution confirmation to the site (and practice saying it).
  4. Bring a basket or reusable bags (and your strong muscles) to carry home your vegetables from the co-op site.
  5. Consider volunteering. Co-ops only can function and survive with active volunteers. 
I live in Texas but Bountiful Baskets are available in many other states . What do you think? Do you co-op?

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