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#BostonStrong Denver

Posted Apr 19 2013 4:44pm

I have been writing this post for a few hours – in my head, on paper and finally in Live Writer. I can’t get my words to say what I need them to. I’m angry. Irrationally so. Its kind of scary. With every other US tragedy I’ve just naturally detached myself from the entire situation.

I couldn’t tell you anything about my thoughts/feelings in the days after the Twin Towers went down, I don’t know where I was when I heard about the Virginia Tech shooting, I have no idea how I heard about the Aurora theatre shooting and I couldn’t tell you what I was feeling when I read about the CT school shooting. Its not that I don’t care – I really do care. I just acknowledge it, talk about it a bit, conclude that some people just really, really suck and move on.


That isn’t happening today. Or this week really. Up until this morning I had a pretty good handle on my rage and disgust but today that changed. I’ve been extra stabby and just plain angry at stupid people. I don’t want to become one of those people so I’m not going to throw blame around like I’m a monkey throwing my own poop just because I can. Instead I’m going to focus on doing something, anything.

As a runner it seems natural to run. So that’s what I’m going to do. Thanks to PavementRunner we can all run, together on Monday…the week after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.


If you are in Denver next Monday please come join us – we’ll be meeting at 6:30pm at the Boulder Running Company store at Bowles/Wadsworth in Littleton. It’s a causal, no pressure run around the Johnson Reservoir. Simply a place for us to all get together, and do something even if it is just run together. The loops around the lake is 1.4 miles and you’re welcome to run/walk as many loops as you’d like.

Place: Boulder Running Company, 8116 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO
Date/Time: Monday, April 22nd @ 6:30pm
Distance: 1.4 miles per loop, loop as many times as you’d like
Please RSVP on the FB event page for #BostonStrongDEN

If you are not in Denver check out the list of cities with events on PavementRunner’s site . If your city doesn’t have a run…start one up on your own! And for those of you “back home” there are already events set up in Minneapolis , Milwaukee and Madison !


I don’t know what it is about the Boston Marathon bombs, but they hit close to home. Maybe its because I’m a runner or because there is no known motive or because they attacked a marathon full of runners but killed the spectators that make the runner’s pain bearable or because I knew people who were there experiencing it {both blogger friends and my aunt who was stopped at mile 25.2 with no idea what was going on} or because I’ve been steadily listening to the police scanners and for the first time ever understanding a bit about what they are going through. Whatever it is, this sucks, the people who did this suck and I don’t like being angry…so I’m going to run off my anger.

Also, if you do come run, I promise to be a nice person without any delusional ranting! Ask the poor people who got ragey voicemails from me today…I’m already a calmer person. Thank you for allowing me to ramble on!

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