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Posted Apr 16 2013 11:27am
I had a very different post in mind for today and usually I try to stay away from yucky topics that make me cringe and not spread that negativity out into the world but tonight I cannot let this one go without throwing in my 2 cents. It hurts too much.
This was a race I was hoping to run in this year but got a stress fracture in my right tibia last Spring during a 20 mile training run. A few months later I got pregnant with Tosh. Obviously I did not run Boston this year but I wanted to. That very easily could have been me and my family at the finish line yesterday and I am very aware of that. I am very grateful today to be able to squeeze my children tight.

These are my people. I am a runner and I am very passionate about my sport. Most runners are. I also absolutely LOVE, deep down in my soul, LOVE to race.

I don't race to win. I don't care one iota about that. I show up at that start line to meet all those other incredible individuals that I know poured their blood, sweat and tears pounding the pavement just as much as I did. It is such an honor to be able to run other great runners. By the way id you are runner, you are great. I don't care how fast or slow you run. If you run, you run. To me that's awesome. There is a HUGE comradery there! 

I LOVE OTHER RUNNERS!!! and I want to run with them in a huge pack over hills and through mud and heat and cold and wind across that finish line feeling like a million bucks. I want to be able to congratulate other runners and give em high fives. Complete strangers. Because that's how this sport is; Supportive of one another; It's like We're all on one big team. 

So today my heart is very heavy. I had nightmares all night long. I didn't sleep a wink.  I am going to keep this short because honestly I could go on forever and I want to move forward but please know that I spent many an hour praying for those innocent people who I admire so much!

So today I urge you to run towards LOVE not hate. And please say a healing prayer for the families affected by the tragedy! 
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