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Boston, You're My Home!

Posted Apr 22 2013 10:29pm
It's been a week since the bombings at the Boston Marathon. As a 6 year resident of Boston, it is my home. I was luckily at work on Marathon Monday, so I did not witness the horrific events. I am happy to report that all of my family and friends are safe and unharmed but my heart aches for those affected. Aside from being a resident, I am a runner. For me, that adds another layer of grief. I have been racing for 4 years and the thought of my friends and family being at the finish line and having that happen is just beyond comprehension.

I was locked in my apartment for 14 hours last Friday  glued to the TV. There was a terrorist on the loose a mere 2.5 miles from me, for all I knew he was in my neighborhood. I don't think its even fully hit me yet. I knew I wanted to visit Boylston street to pray and grieve. I ended up going to one side of the blocked off street with Julia, Ashley and Danielle from my run team to pay our respects last Wednesday. I was really happy to go there with them and have a few moments, just being with people who felt the same way I did. Then on Saturday, I ran 6 miles to the memorial site, and for the first time really broke down. There were tears of sadness, fear, disbelief but also hope. The fact that so many had come to pay their respects and donate money to the One Fund is amazing. I cried for the victims, the fallen police officer,the friends and family of the first responders, FBI, and police officers who spent countless, sleepless hours to investigate and keep us safe. I even took the LUNA hat off my head and left it on behalf of my team and the Clif Bar Company. I was truly moved beyond words.

But in the end, I left smiling. All I could really think was the community in Boston, as well as the national support has been unbelievable.  I am so proud of everyone near and far, and it really goes to show that there is more good in the world, than evil and that together we stand stronger than alone. This tragedy truly restored my faith in humanity and I've noticed a shift in behaviors, even from strangers. Everyone is that much more appreciative of one another. Also in the midst of this crazy week, I found solace in meeting and getting to know a sweet, smart, kind guy and I am excited to see how things progress... but that is a story for another day! ;) Please enjoy some pictures I took throughout the week!


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