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Boston Marathon--Starts Here!

Posted Dec 13 2012 7:23pm

I have seen this sign quite a few times, and I guess for a lot of runners, it represents the start of an amazing event, but I was thinking about the Boston Marathon today and I realized that for me, and probably for a lot of runners.....this really isn't "the start" at all.

Of course, right away you probably assume that I am speaking of the training involved with running 26.2 miles, or in the case of Boston, the qualifying marathon. However, I was thinking of something totally different. I was thinking more along the lines of, "Where did this crazy notion of running the Boston Marathon come from? Where did it START?" Well, I would like to say that it has been a dream/goal of mine for sometime....that I have ALWAYS wanted to run Boston, but that is not really the case. I have always loved watching the Boston Marathon on TV and reading about it. I have always admired people who could run fast enough to qualify for Boston. If you know anything about my speed (or lack of) will look at the qualifying times below and see why I have never given a lot of thought to running Boston!

Marathoners dream of being part of this rich history; running the suburbs of Boston, seeing the Prudential tower in the distance as they snake their way past roaring crowds on the streets of Boston toward the famous finish line on Boylston Street. The Associated Press rightly described the race as “the world’s most prestigious marathon course.”

From an article on the marathon

Showcasing the extreme competitiveness of Boston, in 2011 Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai overtook early leader Ryan Hall and crushed the last 10k to finish in a mind-blowingly fast time of 2:03:02.
Yes, you read that right: the world’s fastest time is an average 4:41 mile pace over 26.2 miles.

In addition to getting into Boston by qualifying, it is also possible to get a bib number if you run for a charity, but I have always chosen to run less challenging marathons, even when running for charity! I have always joked about being the last runner to cross the finish line of a marathon, but I think that in Boston.....that could be a REAL possibility for me!
So WHY would I want to run a marathon that is difficult (heartbreak hill), for even those skinny, fit, fast runners that you see in Runners World magazine who look like they haven't had a good meal in years? WHAT was I thinking? This idea obviously did not come from a lot of intelligent conversation going on in my, where DID it come from? I'm sure the decision to run Boston comes from a lot of different places for each participant, but for me.....the decision came from my heart. 

So, the "starting line" on Marathon Monday will be at Hopkinton, MA.....but for me, the "start" is here at a very magical Ashford, CT!

Why run Boston? I am running Boston as a way to raise AWARENESS of, and funds for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Yes, I KNOW that there are easier marathons, and even half marathons that I could run with THITW and raise funds for the kids. I just happen to think that in order to put myself out there and ask people to donate their money, and their time (Sundance Kidz).....I need to step outside of my comfort zone on this one! I  want  intend to raise $10,000 for Camp this time out, and I feel that I should do everything that I can to show my friends and family how important this is to me......EVEN run the "world's most prestigious marathon", with the skinniest and fastest people in the world! After all, the pain of running this difficult marathon....arthritis and all....will be nothing compared to the pain that most of the kids who go to this amazing camp have to go through on a daily basis.

So....I will work my butt off in the coming few months.....both in my training for the 26.2 miles, and in the fundraising for these deserving kids! Even if I train religiously and vigorously....I will STILL be slow....but I will STILL be proud to be running this marathon! Call me won't be the first time I've been called that.....but PLEASE support me in my craziness....because the craziness comes STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART!

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