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Boston Marathon Meetup

Posted Mar 11 2013 10:14am
It's very easy for someone from outside of the blog-world to wonder:  why the heck do you bother to have a blog?  Isn't it time consuming?

Well, we all know there are plenty of reasons to have a blog...

(it's a fun hobby, you can look back in time to take a glimpse at an earlier part of your life, you can blabber on about self-centric runner stuff that you would never dare to litter your facebook wall and bore your non-runner friends with, etc.)

...But I gotta say, hands down, the main reason that I love blogging is because I get to connect with other gals who share a similar passison for life and running that I do.

Which is why I cannot wait to meet so many of you in person up at the Boston Marathon!

Kate from the wonderful blog SoCal Runner Gal  and I were recently chatting about the fact that we MUST organize some sort of meet-up amongst all us blogger runner buddies.
as my e-mail from last week kindly reminded me, the Boston Marathon is going before we know it!!

Here's the problem:  I've never been to the Boston Marathon and I have NO idea what the weekend is like, so I want to ask you all for suggestions of a fun meet-up idea.

I will most likely be a little on the lazy-lame side and I'm not going to want to stay out super late because of the race (OK who am I kidding, I'm always like that...) but I'd love to meet up with any people who are going to be in Boston during the weekend of the Boston Marathon (April 13th-15th.)

I'm getting into town on Friday evening and staying with friends until Monday afternoon.

Please share with me your ideas for a Boston Marathon blogger meetup!
Expo and lunch on Saturday?  Or fro-yo on Sunday?  Or shake-out run?  Or course tour?  I'm super flexible, so let me know what you all are thinking!  I'll try to compile a list of all the folks who are going so that we can keep track.  Leave me a message if you're planning on going and hopefully we can meet up!
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