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Book Review: Dark Places

Posted Oct 29 2012 9:15am

So I’m attempting to do more book reviews on RSF since I do nothing with my life other than read books.  Anyway, we had our monthly blogger book club on Saturday and this month’s pick was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

A few of us had read Gone Girl and were really interested in reading another book by Gillian Flynn so the choice was pretty easy.

This book is about a woman whose family is murdered when she is younger (her mother and two sisters) and her brother is in prison doing time for the murder.  The story alternates each chapter as the woman now and her brother or mother on the day of the murder.  The story revolves around Libby (main woman) trying to figure out what actually happened the night of the murder: did her brother really commit the murders or did someone else?  As the book progresses, you learn more about that night and about the what really is UP with that brother of hers.

I really loved Gone Girl but this book was pretty darn good. Gillian is great at completely engrossing you in these twisted stories and throwing in a COMPLETE twist ending.  In other words, don’t plan on doing anything after you start this book until you finish it.  If you like creepy, weird and twisted books, this is a definite read but if you’re squeamish I would say skip it.

As you can see, book club as always was a success.  Food + friends + books = fun. We however, did not have enough food.

And people were really excited that I was there…

We really should use the term ‘book club’ loosely though considering we talk about the book for about 13 minutes each and every time. I spend most of my time drinking, my friends spend their’s glaring at me and Sierra spends her’s in her own little world…

Speaking of Sierra, she sent me pictures from book club and made sure to throw in a picture of just her dish. She would. It was good though so I’m OK with posting it.

If anyone is interested in reading along with us, this is our book for November :

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Have you read Dark Places? Gone Girl? Thoughts?

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