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Book Review: Advanced Sports Nutrition 2nd Ed.

Posted Feb 25 2012 5:58pm
I am really trying hard this year to eat better and to understand nutrition. I know that at my age and with the running goals that I have I need to become a student of and better understand sports nutrition. So when I was contacted about reviewing the second edition of the book Advanced Sports Nutrition by Dan Benardot, PHD, RD and FACSM, I couldn’t wait to get the book.

I must start with I do have a few nutritional guides here at home. I honestly have not read them all from cover to cover but little bits here and there. I do find the information both fascinating and helpful. But I am not a real student of it at this point. I’m really just trying to see what can help me become fitter, at a basic level how to fuel and hydrate as well. So my immediate needs are pretty basic and simple.

To start the review the publisher describes the book as:

Advanced Sports Nutrition helped thousands of athletes apply the most effective and cutting-edge strategies for optimal fueling and performance. Now this best-seller returns, updated with the latest research, topics, and innovations in sports nutrition.
Far beyond the typical food pyramid formula, Advanced Sports Nutrition offers serious strategies for serious athletes. This comprehensive guide includes the latest nutrition concepts for athletes in any sport. World-renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot breaks down the chemistry of improved performance into winning principles that ensure athletes’ key energy systems are properly stocked at all times:

·    Meal, energy, and nutrient timing guidelines to maintain that crucial energy balance throughout the day
·    Optimal ratios and quantities of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for any sport
·    Guidelines on identifying and maintaining optimal body composition for maximal power, strength, and athletic performance
·   The latest research on ergogenic aids, such as quercitin and caffeine ·   Strategies for avoiding gastrointestinal distress during activity and reducing exercise-induced inflammation ·   The effects of travel, high altitude, and age on nutrition needs and performance ·   Strategies for balancing fluid and electrolytes to avoid dehydration and hyperhydration ·   Sport-specific guidelines for increased power, strength, and endurance
The best conditioning programs and technical instruction are beneficial only if your body is properly fueled and ready to operate at peak efficiency. With Advanced Sports Nutrition, Second Edition, you can be assured that when you are ready to push the limits of training and competition, your body is, too.

I read sections of the book in preparation for this review. In short, I think it is a very well researched and written book that any serious athlete would appreciate. There is a ton of information within its pages and I think it is certainly a reference that again any serious athlete would like to have. Having said that, I had difficulty with the advanced level of the content. It at times it made my brain hurt as I tried to absorb all of the information and to figure out how it applies to me and what I am attempting to do. Maybe I am just dumb when it comes to such things. Maybe I tried to look at too much of the content at once. But I think it is that I do not have the basic foundation in sports nutrition yet to be able to comprehend this book. But it was even with my limited degree of understand a good resource for me. The back of the book has a number of really good nutritional plans to follow. I may not totally understand all of the science and reasons why behind them but I will be using one in the coming months. So I have to stress that even I who did not have the knowledge base for the book did find value and some immediate information that I can use.Please do not take my review of this book wrong or in a less than positive light. I think that this is one of the best advanced sports nutritional books that I have looked at. I think it is and would be a wonderful reference /resource for anyone that is truly serious with any sport. But I am literally at ground zero just trying to find my way in running, better health and overall nutrition. So it is difficult for me to really understand and appreciate the content it provides. I would recommend it for anyone that is at that level of running or sport that does need to get to that advanced level of nutrition. I know that in 3-5 years when I hope to have the solid foundation in place. At that time I plan on needing this wonderful reference waiting for me to help me achieved my new goals. But until then I will let others tell me of their success with this book.

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