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Book Worm

Posted Jun 03 2010 12:00am

Today, I found myself killing some time in the bookstore. I was delighted to be there, but was also ecstatic because:

I had to laugh because my brother sings this to his beautiful black lab ;-)
(PS, my brother turned 30 last week. I think I was more freaked out by it than he was!!)

. I found two chick lit books IMG_0124.JPG
The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham, who is also Sophie Kinsella. Did anyone know that was a pen name? News to me. Also, if you don’t know who Sophie Kinsella is, that means you haven’t read Shopaholic books. Shame.

I also picked up The Perfect Fit by Louise Kean. I hadn’t heard of it before, but for $5, the first page had me sold. I think I’ll read this one first!!
I’m going to be quite the bookworm over the next couple of days. I plan to take tomorrow and the rest of the weekend off to totally relax!! I also want to dig back into my Rosetta Stone and get back on the Espagnol train!! But I also have these beauties:

(yep, they’re upsidedown… because I don’t know how to flip pictures in ecto… it was already flipped in iphoto!! Can you tell I’m still a newbie Mac user?)

In the upside down mix:

  • Singer, Complete Photo Guide to Sewing . I’ve already read bits and chunks of this and it’s awesome!!
  • Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies . I still really really want to learn more about nice cameras/taking awesome photos… although I don’t think a big fancy shmancy camera is in our budget right now!!
  • Wines of the World with Susan Keevil. Just because I’ve always wanted to learn about good wine ;-) Not the $4 variety… although that can be pretty delicious too!!

So I’m making myself a busy little bee. Do you think I’ve found enough hobbies to busy myself with? Believe it or not, this pile is without one category: cooking. I’m dying to become a better cook. I hope the hubster doesn’t mind a little experimentation ;-)


Here’s a little sneak peak of the craft room. I moved things around a little bit, but still want to get more “character” on the walls.


I keep telling the doctor that I want to move furniture around in the office. He protests like a baby. He doesn’t deal with change too well…


On another, unrelated note (because after all, this post is as ADD as they come), our dog is getting

This big girl has doubled in size in the last month. I can’t even believe it!!


Question of the Day

What’s your favorite kind of book?

I’ve always loved “pink” (read: chick lit) books, but lately have been really into the how-tos/information based reference books. I like to teach myself. And usually fail miserably. But that’s how you learn, right? ;-)

Off to Zumba I go!!

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