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Body Media Fit Update & Help me Choose

Posted Mar 09 2011 2:45pm
Latest update- I’ve been wearing this bad-boy for almost a month now. I’ve become more lax and find myself checking my stats less often. It’s becoming predictable what I’ll see:

Non-workout day: ~2100 cals burned
Day w/1 hour workout: ~2600 cals bruned

Notable findings:

  • I burn over 250 calories during my weekly grocery shopping trip. It typically takes me about 1.5-2 hours to shop and get everything unloaded into the house. Who knew it took that much effort?

  • Giving Emily a bath and getting her in her pajamas spikes my activity level to the same degree as my runs. She’s a feisty one alright.

  • I started at a 500 calorie a day deficit for the first 2 weeks. I was ready to gnaw my arm off. Too aggressive. Then went to a 200-300/day deficit (with the exception of my B-day weekend, all I know is I was way over).

    For the past week I’ve been breaking even on the calories in/calories out. I can’t function on any deficit the days when my runs are an hour or longer. I feel weak. And I get so hangry I want to hurt someone.

    On the scale, I’ve been hovering around 108 and 15-16% BF. Folks, I think that’s as low as this body can go.

    Four pounds doesn’t sound like much, but I can definitely see changes in my body composition. Up until now, I’ve been able to wear about 90% of my pre-pregnancy clothing. Now I can get into about 99% of it. (There are still some skinny jeans and white pants that may never see the outside of my closet again. I shall light a candle in their memory. RIP). But right now I’m wearing a pair of pants that haven’t fit in 3 years. This is a better indicator than the scale.

    Now real the intent of this experiment is to shave off some time in my races. I do feel lighter on my feet, but is it just the power of positive thinking? It remains to be seen if this will translate into better to race times. I’ve got a 10K coming up the weekend, then the half next week.

    I know my current 10k PR is out of line with the rest of my times, but according to the McMillan calculator I should be able to finish in 43:27 based on last month’s half marathon. Low 7:00/mile pace is fast for me, so that sounds scary. I’ve only raced a handful of 10k’s in the 15+ years I’ve been running, and don’t have a good 10k strategy. I think finishing around 45 minutes would be a major coup.

    I’d like to improve my 10K time. However, there’s actually prizes for the 1st stroller finisher in the 5 and 10k races this year. I did the 5 and 10K at this event last year…it’s a bummer they are starting both races together at 9am so I can’t do both again.

    Hmmm, what to do? 10k with stroller and try for the win? Or 10k without stroller and try for a new PR?
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