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Bloody Buddy, Not Muddy Buddy ...

Posted May 02 2011 8:07am
Yesterday morning, G and I were all geared up for Muddy Buddy. We had a bike. We had throw away outfits, which we looked wicked cute in. And we were ready for mud.
At 8 a.m. we entered the corrals and looked around. Our competition (we started with just our age group), didn't really look like competition. We kind of thought a top 5 finish was in the bag. At 8:25ish, G headed out on the bike. Two minutes later, I followed her on foot. I ran strong and passed pretty much everyone else in our wave. Then, I hit the first obstacle - an 8 foot wall. I immediately thought, "I am never going to do this race again."

I climbed and jumped over the wall. Then, I spotted the bike that G had left for me when she started the second leg on foot. I walked to the mounting area and jumped on. I started pedaling on the downhill. But, I was going too fast. I tried to slow down. And then, before I knew it, the bike flipped. I tucked my head and landed directly on my right shoulder. Then I slid.

My first thoughts - Can I keep going? Are my legs OK? Can I train through this?

I got up and tried to get back on the bike. I couldn't move my arm. People passed and tried to help. I told them to keep racing. I walked back up the hill to the medic and couldn't help but think of G. She was going to freak when she didn't see me. Then I looked at my shoulder. I knew it was bad.

The medics decided to transport me to the hospital. I only saw G as they closed the doors to the ambulance. 30 minutes later she met me at the hospital.

She took some pictures of the damage. I didn't want to look.

The doctors gave me a shot of pain medicine and told me they would be back to take me to x-ray. That's when J arrived. G left at that point and took my girls with her. Shortly after they left, I went for the x-ray. SEPARATED AC JOINT. 4-8 weeks in a sling. 4-8 weeks without my right hand/arm. 4-8 weeks no running.

Ouch. That stung. I was ready to leave. They said I my wounds needed to be cleaned.

No biggie, right? Wrong. Pretty much the worst pain of my life. And I have gone through natural childbirth. I cried.

And cried.

It was rough. But with the torture session and three shots (two pain medicine, one tetanus) over, we left with my newest accessory.

Now, I can't do much. Showering and getting dressed took me over a half hour. I couldn't tie my own shoes. It's beyond frustrating. But, I'll survive and I should be thankful it wasn't worse (my helmet cracked). Plus, now my bike trainer and the 12% incline on my treadmill are going to get a lot of use ...

Oh, and Dizzle rocked her 5K on Saturday. Recap tomorrow.
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