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Blogging Niche

Posted Aug 15 2013 4:30am

While I was running one morning, I was thinking about different blog categories and the very stringent stereotypes that coincide with them.

But why?

Why can’t I just be a runner who likes to blog instead of a “running blogger”? Why does the fact that I talk about food and fitness and everyday life automatically group me with the HLB group? Why does my past with an ED categorize me as one of “those bloggers”?

There are far too many generalizations in the blog world. Just because I like running and run for a team, I’m a running blogger. But that line that divides those bloggers from the ones in the HLB world is murky. I fall into the trap too. I’m not immune to the stereotypes that exist. Oh, you like oatmeal? You must be a HLB. You’re paleo? You do cross fit. Yes, I fall prey to them too but it doesn’t make it right.


There are so many facets of the blog world because people have so many different interests. Some like to talk about crossfit, others running, salad, dessert, recipes, fitness classes, DIY home improvement, fashion, the list is literally limitless. I personally like to talk about my life in general, a life that includes good foods, family, running, and my experiences living on a boat and in college.

Isn’t that what blogging is about?

I started my blog because I enjoy writing. I had been reading blogs like Hungry Runner Girl for years and realized it was something I could do too. I know some people don’t want to talk about certain subjects on their blogs and that’s fine. I personally use mine as more of a journal which is why you see everything from running races, cupcake shops, boat life, internship applications, and experiences with living life after an eating disorder. I will never be someone who only wants to talk about my training . Nor will you see my talking only about food, or EDs, or college. I’d get bored and run out of things to say. I have a variety of interests and I feel like my blog reflects that.


That being said, this whole categorizing thing seems kind of ridiculous. Some days I might be a running blogger and the next I’ll be a food blogger (and probably not a “healthy living” one). I’m okay with that. That’s how I want my blog to be. It’s a space for me to look back on my life, reflect on how much I’ve grown, and see how far I’ve come with some of my life struggles.

You’ll see me make mistakes, get injured, have fun, surprise myself, feel proud, and be sad. To me, that’s real. There will always be subjects I won’t talk about, like relationships, but I am open on my blog because this is my personal journal of life. I’m sure it will change as I navigate life as a post grad student, or even this upcoming semester as an intern at a public health organization in DC.


This is why you see me participating in linkups. It’s why my Sunday posts highlight fitness, Mondays are about life, Wednesdays are food, and Tuesday/Thursday is generally ED related or another topic I’m interested in sharing.

The HLB title can encompass so many blogs. Within that, there are so many niches that people fall into. But what about just being a blogger, plain and simple? I may be a “runner” in real life, but I’m also a student, a daughter, a friend, an intern, a sister, a picky eater, and so many more. Every single title I have makes me, me. And that’s what I want to blog to be. A mess of topics that help showcase the person I am. Not just a runner, not just a former ED patient, but a college girl who loves to write and share her experiences with the world.

Do you find yourself trying to categorize your blog?
Does your blog fit a “niche”?

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