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Posted by Michelle R. Patient Expert

I keep getting blisters on the arches of my feet. Today I ran 4 miles and only have a blister on my right foot. My shoes are fairly new, I wear them when I go to the store and around the house and I feel like they've been broken in. They were kind of on the cheap side. Is it the shoes or something I'm doing? I also bought thick socks and that helped for a while but I guess not anymore.

Thanks! :)

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Hi Michelle,

Check out this article -

Happy Running!

Joy, M27R

Perhaps the areas of your foot are rubbing to roughly against the inside of the shoe when you run? That's what seems to be the case when I get blisters, not matter what shoe I wear.
Thanks! I seem to keep only getting it on the right foot, but I orginally got them on both feet in the exact same spot.
i think it could be the shoes
I use to get blisters only under my rigt foot.I had many medical  tests and advice over the last 8 years with no results ,I have just recently with my own experiments found that if i stop eating peanut butter and nuts  the blisters stay away

I experience this same problem in both feet occasionally and have stopped attributing it to shoes or socks or running long ago; as I have been testing with newer equipment i.e. shoes, socks, etc. 

This last answer caught my eye becuase I eat significant amounts of nuts - mainly almonds and peanut butter. What in nuts might be causing this in our bodies?


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