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Blast From The Past: When Coaching Was Beneficial

Posted Aug 26 2012 2:31pm

Earlier this year, my favorite health coach left our company for a new positive job change. Where I am happy for him, I am sad to loose his coaching. Over 3 years I not only improved physically, but Greg instilled confidence and the knowledge to keep me moving in positive and healthy directions.

So why then when I visited my new “coach” and I use the term loosely, was my confidence left shaken? This is only the second time I’ve met with David and honestly may be the last. I left the office feeling horrible about myself. Then I got fired up. What kind of coach has nothing but negative things to say? No positive encouragement, no advice or no direction. Really?

Looking through the RTM archives I found the following advice from the best coach ever:

February 7th, 2011 | 6 Comments

Another month means another check in with my Health Coach, Greg. After our last meeting I recorded 8 days in an online food journal for him to review. I’ve mentioned before that I do this every once and a while to reevaluate my nutritional highs and lows. Even before I handed it over to him, I noticed a few things that I did not like.

One, too much cheese. Do I really need to eat this much cheese? Let’s face facts, cheese is not the most nutritional thing we can eat.

Two, too much sodium. In my opinion the high sodium intake comes from the high cheese consumption.

Greg agreed that I was probably eating too much cheese, but was not so concerned with the sodium. More importantly, he pointed out that my daily calorie intake is low again and really need to increase by at least another 200 calories. And so the discussion began about the best ways to get those extra calories.

dreamstime_12876680 CROP

Health Coach Suggestion #1 – Another piece of fruit per day. I decided to add a piece to lunch. Dessert? Well, almost.


Health Coach Suggestion #2 – Add beans to one meal a day. Beans are relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile so this option is very doable. He even mentioned adding black beans and salsa to an egg white breakfast. I am a big fan of beans, but I’m still not sure it is the right breakfast food for me.

Health Coach Suggestion #3 – Replace my evening snack of cereal with a Green Monster Smoothie with Vega plant based protein added. I had explained to him that most mornings I wake up extremely hungry which is not ideal on the mornings I wake up and go right out for a run. Adding the extra protein later in the day should help fill that void.

The final advice he gave me was to not eat for the scale, but eat for the training. He said he knew it would be difficult for me but with the amount of races I have coming up it would be more important to my health. Lesson to be Learned!


Now as weeks have passed I discovered that it is best to use my heated feelings as fuel to really kick my workouts up and prove David’s poor attitude was totally unmerited. I also need to remember that comments and opinions of others should not hold such power. My eating plan, workouts and training is all what I make it, therefore the results are mine. If I am pleased with my body or accomplishments then that is all that should matter.

running by faith,
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