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Biker Chick?

Posted Oct 27 2012 10:58am

Getting started again has been a slow and relatively painful endeavor. In spite of stretching like crazy for a week, it still hurts to run. How long can it seriously take for sore shin muscles to heal?

I went for a two mile run on Sunday, and it went relatively well, and then I didn’t run again until Wednesday, when I did another two miles. After that run, I felt really sore. I came home and immediately put ice on my knee (which felt weird—possibly because of all the stretching?) and then switched it to my shin for awhile. At bedtime, both of my legs hurt, so I took ibuprofen. Yesterday we took our lunch time walk, and my shin was not happy. It was one of those rare times when I couldn’t wait for the walk to be over. Today, I’m feeling better, but I’m planning a 2 mile run today, and I am almost afraid to go. If I am going to end up in pain every single time I run, I will seriously have to reconsider whether running is worth it to me. It feels so great when everything works right, but it’s been so long since everything has. Maybe it’s time to blow the dust off my bike and just sit on the trainer for a hour three or four days a week until the shin pain is completely gone.

In other news, today is my baby’s 20th birthday. It seems amazing to me that I can possibly be old enough to have three children in their 20s. Heck, aren’t I still in my 20s? My mind feels like it–my body…not so much. We don’t really have much of a plan for the day. We’ll probably go to dinner and then maybe start a fire in the fire pit and have s’mores. April and Matt went to the store last night and picked up a birthday banner and a cake. I am so thankful that I am not big on sweets, otherwise, today might be a disastrous day for me. Oh, and the next birthday coming up is mine, and my birthday present is a Caribbean cruise.

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