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Bike it out!

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:07pm
Got mom's bike in the back of the car, picked up the fiance and headed to a 5-mile loop for some biking action today!

I was using an old racing bike. While it was great, the seat was wayyyy too low. So I wasn't able to go as fast as I wanted because I was putting a bit of pressure on my knees, seeing as my legs couldn't extend all the way :-P

So on top of looking like a big kid on a too small bike, I had a bright pink helmet that didn't reeeeally fit right (it's my mom's...I really need to get my own), my big ol' tennis shoes and my water bottle carefully balanced on a middle bar - not in a holder or anything! I'm such a rookie!

Luckily, it was pretty cool out and perfect weather. (OK, perfect running weather....that's what I was really thinking) But I can definitely see how people fall in love with cycling....the thought of even doing a tri crossed my mind a couple times....But the swimming part has just got to go;) I'm still rooting for a "biking, running and sand volleyball tri." Such a good idea, right?!?

I had to stop a couple times to make sure my water bottle didn't fly off, and to switch songs on the fiance's iPod. My iPod is dying so he was nice and downloaded several songs at my request so I could have something to ride to. :)

Time: 46:18
Pace: 13.5 mph
Distance: 10.4 miles

Anyone know what 13.5 mph means? Most of the time I thought I was doing 13.1-13.3. That's pretty much Greek to me.
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