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best. post. ever. (guest post by tri girl)

Posted Jun 18 2012 9:10pm
I am so stinkin excited for this post from one of my very favorite people, Tri Girl !  Without further ado...

Hello WatchMeGoRunners! I am pretty darn excited about the story I am about to tell you.  You see, when I started blogging, I had a very loyal following of my husband, my mother, and my sister.  Then, a couple of friends started following, and THEN, I got my first comment, and it was from someone I didn't know! It wasn't Megan.  It was a girl named "Daisy"... not her real name.  Really? I mean, who does that?
Oh yeah, hell-o. But our lovely Megan was my SECOND commenter, and she has stayed with me ever since :) She commented one of my earliest posts, called The Epiphany.    Over the months that followed we became bloggy BFFs.  It was either serendipity, kismet, or fate that we found each other on the very wide worldwide interwebs.  We learned that we had so very much in common. For example: 1.  We both have a dog. 2.  We both work with children. 3.  We were both somewhat new runners when we started blogging. Although someone has sort of dominated that field. As we became facebook friends, we also found out we have some other similarities. For example: A) We are both kinda...well, spazzy. B)  We are also major chocolate lovers dorks. C)  We are also big proponents of salad for dinner. What?  There's chicken in it! Ok, so maybe we don't agree on everything. Beyond our similarities and differences, I'm glad to have met Megan for other reasons.  You see, through her I have connected with " the other Megan ", Erika , (whom I now know in real life), and Adrian .  Although, I'm not sure who was blog friends with her first.  Let's just say we share Adrian :) And now, a very cool thing is going to come of all of this. I am going to meet Megan IN REAL LIFE!! And not just Megan!  Also the other Megan, and Adrian!  They are all coming here in just a few days to run the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon with me! And about 30,000 other people. Ed Grimley homage. I sincerely hope that next weekend will just be the first of many face-to-face adventures with Megan, whom I already consider one of my closest friends! Thank you Megan, for letting me take over your site for the day to share my musings and drawings with your fantastic readers!

One million thanks to Tri Girl for doing this post.  So perfect in stick figure form and makes me even more excited for this weekend!!

Let's chat: 

-Have you made any 'best friends' via blogs?  Did you meet in real life?

-Who else is ready and rarin to go for this weekend?

-Any questions for tri girl?  

-Anything else to share?

Megan (and Tri Girl)

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