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Best long run ever

Posted Aug 19 2012 9:58pm
Okay, maybedefinitely not ever. Yesterday's 14 miles certainly wasn't my fastest. But it was definitely the most seemingly effortless run I've had probably since last year's marathon training cycle.

But first, the weekMonday: 4 miles recovery (post-Sunday long run)
Tuesday: 4 miles easy, done at night, blah
Wednesday: 6 miles easy
Thursday: 6 miles easy(felt hard after eight straight days of running/46 miles total)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 14 miles
Sunday: 4 miles recovery in the pouring rain (RIP, iPod shuffle...)
Total: 38 miles

As for Saturday, Boyfriend decided to run long last-minute, so he picked me up bright and early to start at the park at 5 a.m. before the group's five miles started at 7. I wanted to make sure to finish my other nine beforehand, so we started with a three mile loop on the dirt path, which helped my calves loosen up and not bug me later on. Then we met up with a few others running early to do a six mile out-and-back outside of the park before the official coached run. Even though the run was plenty hot and sweaty, I felt pretty decent throughout and managed to maintain the same easy pace all throughout.

Garmin went wonk after losing the satellite at Mile 4. BF was about 10 steps behind me and clocked 9:43, so I'll safely assume I was still good...

Run club souvenirs! The tech shirt really is more neon pink than magenta.
I'm still hoping my long run pace will be ~40 seconds faster than this within a few weeks or so. Even though "Easy August" is only just beginning to actually feel easy, I'm ready for it to draw to a close soon enough.

Rocking my compression sleeves for only the second time since buying them in omg, April.

Socks are cool and all, but it's hard to avoid this when it's not boot season.
The plan

Although I've been consciously increasing my mileage for the past month, it took me a few weeks to finally draft my marathon training plan. It will likely remain a work in progress, but here it is .

Subject to change as time goes on, but for New York, my "A" goal is sub-3:50 or bust. "B" goal is just to PR from 3:58:29. Houston goal is 3:45.

This is the first time I'll actually be keeping track of total weekly mileage during a marathon training cycle. Up until this year's Houston Marathon, I always pretty much covered ~30 miles per week during the "off-season" and then when I actually had 26.2 to train for, I pretty much just noted that I'd be running at least that, often much more as long runs increased, and left it at that. For my first two NYC Marathons, I followed training plans from the marathon's website, which didn't automatically include a total tally. I probably peaked somewhere < 45 miles each time?

Once the great 2011 NYCM fail was over, I pretty much just followed what was left of the RHC 4:00 pace group's plan since it was easy enough to just sync up with everyone else. Since that last plan actually worked (i.e. I ran sub-4 ), I started off with last year's plan, and tweaked it to add my fall races and factor in a 55-peak week. For Houston, I just added in the remaining 10 weeks (after including a complete rest week after New York) of the club's actual plan and tweaked it to also peak at 55 before the race. Note: I haven't actually made it to a track workout yet, and RHC usually doesn't share the workouts until the day of. The current x+y format can be interpreted as such: if I planned for five miles and know we'll be covering two total on the track, I'll cover the rest before and after, hence 3+2.

Question: How do you come up with your marathon training plans? Any suggestions for mine?

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