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Berlin Recap and Halfway Point

Posted Aug 28 2012 12:00am
You may have guessed, I'm at the halfway point for my half-marathon training. Just noticed it. I have seven weeks behind me (ok, +2 days) and seven weeks still ahead of me (-2 days) until the Great Eastern Run

Looking back at my schedule, I've done ok. Not perfect, not amazing, but ok. I've been pretty good about doing all my shorter and tempo runs, however, I have missed two long runs due to being away the last two weekends. But I don't feel stressed about it (yet) as I've already managed a solid 10-miler, so the distance is fine, it's the pace I'll have to work on now to reach my sub-2-hour goal.

Mr Coach seems to agree with this assessment as, promptly upon my return from Berlin last night, I found a detailed training plan in my inbox. He, too, thinks that I need to concentrate on strength and pace training and is less worried about me stacking up the miles, seen that we both know that I'm already capable of the distance (and have done the 10 miles just recently).
File:Brandenburger Tor abends.jpgThomas Wolf,
 <-------From this to inbox motivation (or bullying? Not sure yet....) Don't tell him, but I think I'll keep doing my long runs. For one, I do like knowing ahead of time that I can run the distance, and also because I'm a good running bud and wouldn't want to leave Anna hanging (plus, I really need my long weekly gossip sesh with her or G might want to file for divorce and Mr Coach surely wouldn't want to be responsible for that? His sister might have a word or two to say about that!). 

My training over the weekend may not have been the greatest, but I'm still pretty happy with myself for making it out in the first place instead of having my mom spoil me rotten. I was getting really itchy feet on Saturday, after a day of work and travel and pretty much zero activity on Friday (other than walking from the car to the bus, the bus to the terminal, etc.) and a nice long and lazy Saturday morning. So I donned my kit and my mother's ancient running shoes (thanks Ryanair and your stoopid baggage restrictions for forcing me to leave my beloved Brooks at home!), and set off for an easy run around the local park.
It was pretty hot still, 25 degrees, and I thought I'd take it easy. Every time I checked my Garmin, it was showing me a solid pace of 8:45 min/mile. I couldn't quite believe it. That's my half marathon goal pace. Every time I glanced down again, it was right there, showing a 8:45/8:50ish min/mile. This would normally be on the faster side for me. But it felt fine. Good, to be exact. I maintained that pace without trying very hard or forcing myself to do so, as I normally would. It felt strange. It felt amazing. Needless to say I was beyond excited to have managed such a good 3.5-mile run. In my mom's shoes.*
[*Come to think of it, maybe it was all due to my mom's old, worn out Asics rather than me?]

Sunday morning all of us headed to one of the local lakes where G and I wanted to take a stroll before meeting one of my friends at the lake café for a quick Kaffeeklatsch. My mom decided to join us and immediately took off at a rather swift pace. Obviously she'd done that before. My mom is not a runner, but she sure is a power walker. The 5.5k loop around the lake (just under 3.5 miles) took us 56 minutes. In my Sam Edelman sandals. Needless to say, my feet were on the tender side afterwards and I'm counting this as a workout. There.
Image by wiseguy74 via flickr

Waking up early yesterday morning after a few glasses of red too many, I thought another quick run would sort me out. I wasn't able to do a repeat performance of Saturday's run, but considering my lack of fuel that morning, on top of the mostly red-wine based diet from the previous night, I had a solid and enjoyable run with a fun blast from the past
Overall, I've missed two long runs and two RC interval sessions, but supplemented those with lots of bike rides and more and more strength training. I now have seven weeks left to get myself faster and stronger. Anna is back, I've got a coach, my training plan has been printed off and I've got the duathlon on the horizon, which I'll be using as a good ole' preparation session. 
I think I'm on schedule...
How's YOUR training going?
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