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Beating the Winter Blues

Posted Jan 04 2012 1:04pm
It's that special time of year friends. You know what I mean. Yes, I'm talking about that lovely period between January and March aka the dead of winter.

Since January 2nd we've all been thinking the same thing - the next three months are going to suck. There are no big holidays to cause hype and distracting excitement. In many places (ahem, East Coast) it's dreadfully cold and miserable looking outside (that fall foliage is long gone). Not to mention that most of us have been conditioned by college to wait with baited breath for mid-March which would have been spring break. Basically, we're all just hanging around, sunk into our beds or couches, waiting for the clocks to switch and the flowers to bloom.

Wish it were like this
But instead it's like this...ew
All that said, it's not surprising that many of us struggle during this time. Sure, we get through part of January riding high on New Year's resolutions, but that doesn't last long. Something like 75% of people keep their resolutions for a week, but six months later less than half of people are still in the game.

So, how exactly do you get yourself going during the three-month dead zone? Here are a few ideas:
Commit This is first and foremost a running blog, so I'm obligated to encourage you to sign up for a race. Putting actually money down and clicking that "submit" button can do wonders for your motivation. Don't just think about it, DO IT. Right now. Go!

Invest Sometimes the desire for sweat is not enough. Sometimes you need to have a cute workout outfit hanging in your closet to motivate you to get out there and show it off. Again, putting money down is a huge motivator. If not a fab, new sweat wicking pullover, then maybe a 3 month yoga pass or a 10 class pass for spin.

Keep It Colorful If you start noticing that everything on your plate is a brownish tone it's time to add some color popping fruits and veggies to your meal! Not only does it look good, but (surprise!) it's good for you! If eating better is one of your resolutions, try this color trick to help you prepare better meals.

Hug Instead of "suffering through" these winter months, embrace them! Hug someone, hug the weather and get outside, hug yourself.
Lighten Up I won't lie, my favorite color is black. Not in a moody, goth way. More like a "I get bored with other colors quickly so let's keep it simple" kind of way. That's why my bridesmaid dresses are black (for a June wedding no less). So it's not hard for me to embrace the darker tones during the winter months. However, if you're looking for something to brighten your day during the dead of winter, avoiding those typical cold weather colors can do wonders. Throw on a colorful scarf or a bright pair of shoes. Chances are they will brighten your mood.

Sun Yourself Even though the winter solstice is technically behind us (see ya later Dec. 21st), it doesn't seem like we're gaining any more light these days. It can be mind numbingly depressing to arrive at work in the morning in the dark, and leave in the evening when it's dark. This is made all the worse if you are one of those people without a window in your office. The fix? Get out! Even if just for 15 minutes during lunch, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Trust me - humans are supposed to live in the sun, not a tiny cubicle in the corner.

Get that Vitamin D

Ditch the Drinks The good ol' holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are now gone. And so are their excuses to drink. My advice? Save the cold beer for the summer and stock up on water over the next few months. It will improve your mood and your health!
Whether it's yoga or just lighting some incense at night, block out some relaxation time for yourself will help you get through those winter blues.

How do you stay positive during the winter months?

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