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Be Well Boston Massage with Katrina

Posted Nov 10 2012 12:03pm

You might have read that I was able to take Friday off and pamper myself with yoga with Heidi at Healthworks .  But that wasn’t the end of it…I also visited Katrina at Be Well Boston  for some serious hip work.  I had visited Tim at Be Well Boston before I participated in a Tough Mudder and haven’t had a chance to get back.

I don’t go very often for massages but my hips have been extra tight with me increasing the intensity of exercising lately with the Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge .  Yoga has been a huge help but sometimes you need someone to dig in there and work out the kinks.  And that’s why I visited Katrina!

Isn’t she adorable?!  Can we just say she is pregnant and she looks so tiny!  I loved finally meeting Katrina and talking to her in person.  We have been communicating via email and Facebook and I could tell that I would love her just from that interaction.

Before we got started, Katrina asked me about my injury and what I have been doing currently to deal with it.  Once I poured my heart out, she got right to my hips.  I was so excited for this!  I told Katrina how it has been difficult for me to find someone who really can focus on my trouble spot.  I wanted to go to Be Well Boston because they have so many massage therapists who are well equipped to handle broken athletes.  She kind of giggled because she said that they rarely get people just for a relaxing massage-they usually have people like me who say, “This is broken.  Fix me!”

Katrina did her work and I chatted away.  For some reason, I had decided to ask Katrina if her eating habits had changed since she had gotten pregnant.  She said that she is back to her normal self-eating healthy and conscious of what she is putting in her mouth-BUT for a week or so she couldn’t control what she wanted and all she wanted was carbs and cheese!  I have a feeling this baby might be a runner…just a hunch.  Hey!  Maybe me and that baby will get a long well!

As I talked more to Katrina, I found out she is an avid yogi just like me!  She loves yoga so much that she had her teacher training and still attending yoga during her pregnancy.  I love seeing pregnant women who stay active because it inspires me for my future when I have a kid.  I want to be able to stay fit and make sure that baby is getting its endorphins!  But for now, I’ll just be selfish and make endorphins for me! :)

I had mentioned that I have been doing a lot of online yoga videos so she suggested Sarah Powers and her yin yoga DVD.  But she didn’t just stop there-after our session she showed me a few yoga poses to help with my hips.

My massage with Katrina was such a great experience-I feel great and loved the conversation.  I’m going to be sure to visit her again.  Maybe I’ll ask Santa for a Christmas massage gift certificate!

P.S. Tim-nothing against you!  You were great too but sometimes a girl likes to have girl quality time :)


Do you talk to your massage therapist when you are there or do you just relax? 

Most of my massages are for injuries or working out the kinks from training so they aren’t necessarily relaxing-this means I chat away!

If you have had a child, did your eating habits change?  How did you stay fit?





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